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Prepare to provide unmatched care to the animal world.

Engage in a pre-veterinary medicine program that is dedicated to helping you pursue your goals in the veterinary field.

Bethany’s pre-vet program offers a variety of courses in the biological and physical sciences that offer a strong foundation for students interested in entering veterinary school after graduation. To equip students for this next step, the pre-vet program includes courses in biology, genetics, microbiology, chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, physics, math, English, and animal nutrition.

Already thinking about vet school after Bethany? Benefit from faculty who will review admissions requirements of any veterinary college to ensure your coursework fulfills all needs.

For students who can claim West Virginia residency status, a combined 13 contract student spots are available at The Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine and Mississippi State University. Eligible students can apply here.

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Areas of Study

  • Pre-Veterinary Medicine (Pre-Professional Program)

Why Bethany

Veterinarian Practicums

Careers in Pre-Veterinary Medicine

  • Agricultural Technician
  • Animal Breeder
  • Animal Trainer
  • Conservation Scientist
  • Research Scientist
  • Veterinarian
  • Veterinarian Assistant
  • Veterinary Technician
  • Wildlife Rehabilitator
  • Zoologist

Meet the Faculty

Anna Edlund

Associate Professor of Biology; Chair

Postdoctorate, University of Chicago
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
B.A., Swarthmore College

Scott M. Brothers

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Ph.D., Texas A&M University
B.S., Wheeling Jesuit University

William T. Hicks

Professor of Biology

Ph.D., Oregon State University
M.S., Miami University, Ohio
B.S., Bloomsburg University

Lisa M. Reilly

Associate Professor of Chemistry and Chair of the Department of Physical and Computational Sciences

Ph.D., Oklahoma State University
B.S., Mercyhurst University

Pre-Veterinary Medicine Courses

Bethany’s pre-vet program provides a variety of courses that will prepare you for veterinary school and beyond.

Your courses may include:

  • BIOL 100 Modern Concepts in Life Science
    Introduces modern concepts of cell biology, metabolism, photosynthesis, nutrition, reproduction, heredity, evolution, behavior, and ecology.
  • CHEM 101 General Chemistry I
    Explores theoretical chemistry and descriptive inorganic chemistry. The laboratories provide students with experience in basic laboratory manipulations, problem solving, and testing of hypotheses. Lectures and laboratories meet for 6 hours per week.
  • BIOL 180 Invertebrate Zoology
    Provides a structural, functional, and evolutionary study of the major invertebrate phyla.
  • PHYS 201-202 General Physics I & II
    Introduces classical physics over the course of two semesters. The first semester focuses on classical mechanics, including kinematics and dynamics in two and three dimensions, momentum, energy, and rotational motion. The second semester covers electricity and magnetism, wave mechanics, and optics. The course includes three hours of lecture and two hours of lab each week.
  • CHEM 351 Molecular Biology and Biochemistry I
    Studies the structural organization and chemical compositions of cells and fundamental chemical processes carried on inside organelles. Included are enzymatic action, transport across biological membranes, and basic metabolic pathways as they relate to cell structure. The laboratory focuses on current techniques for the isolation and analysis of basic biomolecules and on some practical applications of enzymology.

Internship Opportunities

Completing an internship as a pre-veterinary medicine student is a vital way of gaining hands-on experience that will boost your chance of acceptance into vet school. Pre-vet internship experiences can take place in settings such as vet clinics, farms, zoos, aquariums, sanctuaries and more.

Curious what types of internships are out there for pre-vet students? Check out some examples.

  • Animal Husbandry Intern
  • Environmental Education Intern
  • Equine Intern
  • Exotic Animal Intern
  • Large Animal Intern
  • Marine Mammal Intern
  • Small Animal Intern
  • Vet Clinic Intern
  • Veterinary Technician Intern
  • Wildlife Refuge Intern
  • Wildlife Rehabilitator Intern
  • Zookeeper Intern