Tuition & Fees

The 2023-24 Direct Cost of Attending Bethany College

$1,380Freshman Experience (incoming freshman only)
$6,476Housing (depending on option)
Financial Aid Terms and Conditions
  • Your aid package will be based upon information that Bethany College has received and reviewed to date.
  • You are required to report any scholarships you have received from organizations outside of Bethany College to the Enrollment Center. If you are the recipient of other grants, scholarships, or benefits, your financial aid package may need to be adjusted.
  • Please submit any items listed as “not received” or “not signed” as quickly as you are able so that we may finalize your eligibility.
  • Your financial aid offer is based on your major, class level, whether you live on or off campus and your FT enrollment status. Your aid is subject to change if any one of these differs from what is listed on your award letter. Please notify us of any corrections needed as quickly as possible.
  • The “Estimated Balance Due” amount can be paid using personal assets or savings, our interest-free payment plan, the Federal Parent Plus loan, or a private loan. We are available to discuss payment options that best meet your needs! Call us at 304.829.7611.
  • To accept your student loans, you must complete entrance counseling. We will send additional information to you in May to remind you of this process.
  • You must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress in order to be considered for financial aid each year.
  • If the financial circumstances that we have used to calculate your eligibility remain relatively the same and your family size and number in college are the same from year to year, your aid package is usually the same. However, some state and federal programs are limited by annually defined EFC cut-offs or can be impacted by state and federal budgets.