Bethany Students in the Spotlight

Gabrielle Ashton and Sammy Seymour

Gabrielle Ashton (Accounting and Finance Double Major with Spanish Minor) and Sammy Seymour (Social Work Major and Senior Education Minor) both recently landed summer internships in Washington, D.C.  Gabrielle will be working in the financial department at the Nestlé headquarters, and Sammy will be a Speech-Language Pathology and RBT Therapy Intern at The Language and Behavior Center.

These opportunities were made possible through the encouragement and generosity of Bethany alumni.

Gabrielle got the internship through connections of Kylie and Matt McCardle, who provide Bethany students with the D.C. summer housing grant.

“Kylie and Matt have been very helpful in securing an internship for me. Without both of them, I would not have this wonderful opportunity to be [in D.C.] for the summer,” said Gabrielle.

In addition to providing Sammy the D.C. housing grant as well, Kylie and Matt spent countless hours helping her fine-tune her resume and interview skills.

“I know Bethany is the right place for me because of opportunities like this one,” said Sammy.

“I would never have had the opportunity to live in D.C. and pursue my dream internship had it not been for the generosity, expertise, and unwavering support of Bethany Alumni Kylie and Matt McCardle. I am so incredibly grateful for this new adventure!”

Rachel Gantzer, Austin Paul-Orecchio, and Brooklyn Wilson

Chemistry majors Rachel Gantzer, Austin Paul-Orecchio, and Brooklyn Wilson had the opportunity to attend Research Day at the Capitol.

Rachel Gantzer, of Morgantown, WV
Title: Zirconium Complexes as Photosensitizers for Solar Energy Conversion
Poster reflected summer research experience at WVU

Austin Paul-Orecchio, of Wintersville, OH
Title: Photovoltaic Systems Using Organic Dyes and Quasi-Solid State Electrolytes
Advised by Scott Brothers
WV NASA Space Grant Consortium Fellow, Gans Funded Project

Brooklyn Wilson, of Washington, OH
Title: The Effects of Teeth Whitening on Enamel
Advised by Scott Brothers
WV NASA Space Grant Consortium Fellow, Gans Funded Project

Evan Bryne Bethany Student SpotlightEvan Byrne

Chandler, Arizona
Junior, Integrated Media & Marketing

I chose to come to Bethany College because I believe that college is a great opportunity to go to a new place, have a different cultural immersion, and give my chance to really learn to be self-sufficient. I want to travel, give back, and jump right into a new culture and role that is unfamiliar so I can learn as much as possible.

Going to Bethany has been an experience that has been filled with many learning opportunities because I went so far away from home. I also wanted to go to a small private school for the classes sizes, intimacy, and being involved in a campus community.

You have to open yourself up to trying something new and get involved. The only way to do it is to really apply yourself and put yourself out there, volunteer, and to try something new because Bethany College has so much to offer.

Ryan Nickerson

Huntington Beach, California
Senior, Finance & Managerial Economics

I chose Bethany College because I loved the campus and the opportunity to play baseball in college. I also liked the small class sizes for a more one-on-one teaching style with my professors.

I liked the small class sizes for a more one-on-one teaching style with my professors. This school can offer a lot for any student, but you have to be involved inside and outside of the classroom.

You have to be active on campus. Play a sport, join a fraternity or sorority and join as many clubs as possible. This school can offer a lot for any student, but they have to be involved inside and outside of the classroom.

Dennis Boyce

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Senior, Finance

When I first came here on a basketball visit, I was going around the Business Department, and Dr. Ramjee took the time and talked with me even though she had a meeting. It showed me that the professors really care about the well-being of the students, and that really spoke to me.

I received exposure to all types of finance within IBM, on the revenue side, the cost side, expense, accounts receivables – you name it, and I had exposure to it.

The best preparation I could ever receive was getting an education from Bethany College. I knew if I took it seriously and worked hard, I could do it.

Samantha Bickley Bethany Student SpotlightSamantha Bickley

Arthur, Ontario, Canada
Senior, Chemistry

I wanted my college experience to be an adventure. Bethany was away from home, but still felt like home during my visit. It seemed like there were endless opportunities, and the faculty and staff made college seem a lot less overwhelming than other schools had.

I really love Matriculation. As a freshman class, we walk up the main campus road and through the Oglebay Gates – the really big gates in front of Old Main that symbolize the entrance to the College. Then as a class we all sign the Book of Matriculation. When I graduate, I’ll walk back through those gates as a goodbye to Bethany. But, more than that, I’ll be walking through with my class. To me it symbolizes the closeness of the student body at Bethany – you’re never alone on your journey here.

Incoming students, I dare you to visit Bethany with your wildest dreams ready and let us show you how we can help you reach your potential.

Maclaine Murad

Bridgeport, Ohio
Junior, Elementary Education

When I first came to Bethany I was very surprised by the way you are able to personally get to know your professors. Not only do they know you by name and talk to you outside of the classroom, but they also are always there to help you succeed.

I believe the close student and teacher connection at Bethany makes it very special, and a great learning environment. I also believe that the small campus life is enjoyable because everywhere you go you usually see a friend or someone you know. You will never feel like a stranger at Bethany.

Being a huge family-oriented person, I feel the most difficult thing about college is being away from my family. I overcome this challenge by keeping busy and making new friends. Soon your friends will feel like family.

One thing I wish I knew when I was a freshman is to take time for yourself and relax. I was and still am very busy, but I now find time to relax and have fun so that I do not get overwhelmed with everything that college brings.

Zachary Lowe

Jacksonville, Florida
Senior, Political Science

Being a triple legacy here at Bethany, it really feels as if this is my second home. My mom and dad grew up here, and I visited family members up here from the time that I was one year old. I’ve passed under that Bethany green bridge so many times, and every time I do it just feels like I’m back. This place has given me so much and will continue to give me many memories to come.

I interned at Cole, Scott & Kissane, P.A. in Jacksonville. I was able to help attorneys with case research and was able to use an online law database called WestLaw. I also attended many hearings, depositions, and countless meetings between clients and attorneys.

Honestly, Greek life is awesome and gives you a connection with people that not many people know. Everyone that joins a house loves it, so I implore you to try it out!