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Bethany Students in the Spotlight

Gracie Gonzales

Fairmont, West Virginia
Junior, Marketing

I chose Bethany not only for its lacrosse program, but for the small community. I knew I needed to be more than just a number in the classroom, and Bethany gave me that and more! I can reach out to my professors any day or night, and they will get back to me as soon as they can! I can be honest with my professors about what is going on in my life, and they help me with anything I need! They care about the students here at Bethany and go the extra mile for everyone! When I first came to Bethany, I didn’t know anyone. It was really out of my comfort zone, but as soon as I started my classes, practices, and getting more involved on campus, I felt like Bethany became my second home! I have made so many amazing connections with the people on this campus and have made so many amazing memories.

One of my favorite memories at Bethany was when I became a Phi Mu. Recruitment week was amazing, and I was so happy when I accepted my bid from Phi Mu! This house, and every member of Greek Life, has helped me so much!

Aidah Shuttleworth

Beavercreek, Ohio
Sophomore, Psychology with an emphasis in Sport Psychology

I chose Bethany because I know I thrive on challenge and change, so I wanted to go out of state for college. Beyond searching for this challenge of a change in scenery in a different state, I also knew I wanted to go to a small school. I had gone to a small, private grade school and a small, private high school as well. The culture of being in a small school environment really allows me to be active in the community. A D3 school like Bethany is so unique and really offers an experience you would not get at any other school. I love knowing so many people on campus; walking around saying hi to everyone you pass really makes it feel like home.

Lastly, I had my mind set on swimming in college. The student athlete percentage at small schools like this one really interested me. I wanted to go to a college where athletics were praised and widely accepted. Athletics being such an essential part of what being a Bethany student is, makes it fun and it allows for maximum support from coaches, friends, and professors.

A smaller student population offers the opportunity for each and every student to be very involved on campus in areas that interest them. At the end of the day, Bethany offered experiences and opportunities that would not only help me in the future after I am no longer at Bethany College, but they will give me amazing memories while I am here as well. The best part of my first year of college is the amazing people I have met on this campus.

Qu’juan McGlothin

Cleveland, Ohio
Senior, Sports Medicine

It’s been an amazing four years at Bethany! It’s a small town with a unique atmosphere that is the opposite of living in a big city. I have formed close relationships with many people over the years that in the future will be godparents to my children and groomsmen at my wedding. Since coming to Bethany College, I have been able to do everything I love and more. I’ve been able to work as a resident assistant and excel in the classroom while also competing in two sports at the same time. Coming to a small school like Bethany, you’re not just a number like at a big school. Professors take the time to get to know you, and since we’re not a big school, I got more one-on-one time to stay on top of my grades.

When I visited a much larger school before coming to Bethany College, I felt out of place. I was still trying to decide whether I wanted to go to the school I committed to, while nine of my friends back home were already coming to Bethany to play a variety of sports. After graduation, I heard from alumnus John Falconi, and after being heavily convinced, I decided to attend Bethany College. Now, I am going into my senior year and could not be happier.

As a college freshman, one of my biggest goals was to make memories that I could treasure and share with others, or simply sit back and relive some of the best years of my life. When I was a freshman, one of my favorite memories was walking up the main campus road, passing through the Oglebay Gates that symbolized the entrance to the college. Then, we sign the Book of Matriculation together as a class. When I graduate, I will finally walk back through those gates and be able to say ‘I did it! I beat the odds and I’m finally a college graduate.’ So to the people reading this, YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

Madison McDonald

Jacksonville, Florida
Junior, Elementary Education with a minor in Special Education

My story is a little different from others. I did not come to Bethany because of athletics. Instead, it was a family tradition. I grew up coming up to Bethany with my family for homecoming, alumni events, graduation, and so much more. I have had two cousins graduate from Bethany–a cousin graduating this year, and my great grandfather playing a huge part in Bethany’s athletics (he was the head football coach at one point).

My decision to attend Bethany was something that I was always going to do. I am so very thankful for that because the small class sizes, relationships that I have built with our faculty and staff, and the numerous opportunities this school has given me is something I will cherish forever.

My favorite memory so far at Bethany was definitely joining Greek Life and finding a home in Phi Mu. The past three years I have been able to grow as a Greek Woman both inside and outside of Phi Mu. Joining a house allowed me to get involved with other organizations, such as the Special Olympics. Last fall, I helped plan, organize, and run our most recent field day with Allison Paxton ’22. When doing this, I saw how many of our students came out and supported not only the Special Olympics but also their fellow peers.

Pedro Chillemi

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sophomore, Sports Management

I came to Bethany in January 2021, expecting to make new friends, learn new cultures, and to play the sport that I love, soccer. Bethany was able to make all those wishes come true. Leaving my country behind was not easy at all, but luckily, this place made me feel at home quickly.

Meeting new people from all over the world was my favorite part of coming to Bethany. It is a really diverse school where you can find different cultures and learn from each other. At the beginning, I thought that my group of friends was going to be just guys from the soccer team, but I was absolutely wrong. I have friends in the volleyball and lacrosse teams, and one of my closest friends is from Australia and plays basketball, something that when I lived in Argentina, I would not have imagined.

My favorite memory is when we won the PAC championship because, despite having fulfilled my dream of becoming champion in the United States, all of the students came to watch us play and at the moment the game ended, they all ran onto the field to celebrate with us. At that moment, I realized that being a Bison is being a Family.

Ally McClelland

Brunswick, Ohio
Junior, Biology

When starting my college search my senior year of high school, I started with a search for schools with a Biology/Zoology program. I was convinced that I did not want to go to school out of state (as we have some great schools in Ohio), and I did not want to attend a school where green was the school color (as it was the color of the surrounding rival schools). My first visit to Bethany changed my thoughts on where I wanted to spend the next four years of my life.

Bethany is located on 1,300 acres in the Allegheny Mountains, which provides the most beautiful views of nature. Some of the buildings are from 1840 and the Bethany Trail System caused me to fall in love with this small school. The college is also close to Oglebay resort, which is an excellent location to get away from campus, relax, and do homework.

The relationships you build with your classmates due to the small class sizes, and the relationships you have with your professors, are unlike any other college. It is easy to form study groups, as you have familiar faces in your classes, and your professors care about students in and out of the classroom. You will always find a professor or staff member at a Bethany sporting event – I even had a group of professors helping me retrace my steps the day when I lost my keys. The cafeteria has a ton of selections. And since it is a small school, sometimes the great staff would start making my salad – knowing my favorites  as soon as I walked in the door. It is those small school things that make a difference.

The main goal that I set with Dr. Brothers in my Bethany First Year Experience class was to make Bethany my home for the next four years. Now entering my junior year, I can say I met that goal. I got involved on campus by becoming president of the Tri-Beta Biology Club, a member of Greener Bethany, a Resident Assistant, and the secretary of the Kalon Scholar program. I am also a member of the Bethany softball team, and there is nothing like starting out your collegiate experiences with back-to-back conference runs.

For me, Bethany is more than just a school – it is simply my second home.

Victoria Uva

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sophomore, Dual Major in Social Work & Psychology 

I’ve only been at Bethany College for a semester, and I have already played soccer, been part of a play, worked in two offices as a student worker, started an American Sign Language Club, and more; all while studying for my dual major and maintaining a 4.0 GPA. I strongly believe that living on campus is what allows me to do all these activities, since everything is so close. I can get from the recreational center (where I have soccer practice) to the theater in less than 10 minutes walking.

I chose Bethany College because I loved the Dual Major program for Social Work and Psychology. Having the opportunity to do both majors in four years, and maybe even less, is amazing to me. Plus, in Bethany College, there are Comprehensive Exams; that is an exam that students take at the end of their four years of college that includes content from all of the classes they’ve taken for their major. Since I’m in a dual major, I only have to take one extended comprehensive exam for both majors instead of two exams; so that’s a relief!

One of the many advantages that come from Bethany being a small college is having more one-on-one contact with faculty and staff. That way, they get to know you and are able to help you with more attention-to-detail with what you need.

As an international student, when I first got to Bethany, I was a little lost because I didn’t really know anyone, but within the first two days, I had already made a group of friends. Everyone here has been very welcoming and warm, and I’m so grateful for that. It has made the transition of coming to the USA very smooth and easy.

I’m excited to be a part of the Bethany College community which will allow me to expand my experiences outside of Argentina. Bethany will always hold a special place in my heart.

Sebastian Arrocain

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sophomore, Communications and Media Arts

I have been in Bethany College for almost two years and the experience couldn’t be any better. I’m able to study, work, and play the sport I love, all at the same time. Bethany is prepared to give their students-athletes all the resourses to succeed in both areas, and also provided you the chance to work if you need to.

At first, the main motive for me to be in College was soccer. I wanted to practice and play, and I had my mind only focused on that. Now, when I look backwards and want to remember my best moments in Bethany, soccer is there but not alone. Most of my best moments have to do with the people I met here, with activities organized by faculty, and having to do work related to my major.

I believe that Bethany gives you the chance to improve yourself if you really want to do it. In my experience during this two years, I’ve been able to work as a resident assistant, be the vice president of the International Student Association, do well in academics, and enjoy playing the sport I love. This is not possible to achieve by yourself. You need the college to be involved and actually care about the life of their students, and Bethany definitely does it.

Coming to the U.S. from another country with different cultures, language, and traditions was not an easy decision to make, but here at Bethany, I made lots of friends, not only with students, but also with faculty and staff. Thanks to all of the support from them, my adaptation was easier than I expected. I’m happy to call Bethany home for the next two years of my life.