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Welcome to AlumniFire!

AlumniFire is Bethany’s very own networking community that offers our alumni, students, and employees opportunities to connect with one another. AlumniFire provides an updated newsfeed, a calendar of events, groups for specific connecting, a job board, and more! Once you’re registered, you will have access to these opportunities and may inform other Bethanians of the services you can provide from job shadowing, to giving career advice, or even assisting with introductions and networking.

Looking to hire an alumnus/alumna or a current Bethany student? Is your company? If so, you can use our job board to share any career opportunities and internships.

Our employers board will also show you where alumni are currently located and working. If you’re moving or visiting an area, you can use the map on our members tab to check in with Bethanians from across the globe. Maybe you can link up on a work trip or family vacation! Staying in touch with fellow alumni, students, and others has never been easier.

Our goal is to continue to grow and support the meaningful connections of Bethanians.