Deposited students are invited to join Bethany College for Becoming a Bison Day on June 7 or June 16! Click here to register.

Getting involved with your alma mater is a great way to show your support, reconnect with peers, and meet current students.

By sharing your life experiences, you are providing invaluable guidance to help the College to continue to offer outstanding educational and life learning experiences.

Alumni and volunteer support is a key factor in enhancing the reputation of Bethany. We hope you can find a way to take time out of your busy schedule and GET INVOLVED. There are many paths to participation. Each program is developed with respect to your time while allowing you the greatest opportunity for personal satisfaction.

We encourage you to join AlumniFire, Bethany’s very own networking community that offers our alumni, students, and employees opportunities to connect with one another.

Give three students the opportunity to experience life at Bethany with the Alumni Referral Scholarship. Any student you refer is eligible to receive $1,000 each year they attend, up to $4,000.

Alumni Council

Alumni Council is comprised of alumni volunteers who have been nominated and elected by their peers to govern the activities of the Alumni Association. In addition to attending two meetings on campus each year and assisting with Homecoming and Alumni Weekend activities, all Council members are assigned to a standing committee.

Anyone interested in serving as a Council member is asked to contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 304.829.7299 for details.

Angela Ryder Bado, 1977
Council President
McKinney, TX
Physical Education
Political Consultant
Phi Mu

Sue Sniegocki Booth, 1982
Engagement Chair
Chelmsford, MA
Executive Communications
Raytheon Missiles & Defense
Phi Mu

Robert (“Bob”) Brosh, Ph.D., 1985
Bel Air, MD
Senior Investigator
National Institute of Aging-National Institute of Health
Sigma Nu

Kathleen K. (“Kristi”) Kaminski Buren, 1993
Immediate Past President
Lutherville, MD
Political Science
Phi Mu

Evan Byrne, 2019
Chandler, AZ
Integrated Media & Marketing
Senior Consultant, Marketing Specialist
Booz Allen Hamilton
Beta Theta Pi

Emily Curran, 2003
Telford, TN
East Tennessee State Univ
Alpha Xi Delta

Bruce H. Fahey, 1977
Akron, OH
Reminger Co.
Sigma Nu

Darren Johnson, 2019
Pittsburgh, PA
Political Science
Legal Coordinator, PNC Bank
Beta Theta Pi

Val Knapp, 1977
Columbus, OH
Elementary Ed/Art
Many volunteer efforts
Phi Mu

Kerry McCann, 1977
Pittsburgh, PA
Political Science
Allegheny Courts
Sigma Nu

Grant McLaughlin, 1991
Advancement Chair
Arlington, VA
Chief Marketing Officer
Booz Allen & Hamilton
Sigma Nu

Keith Piasecki, 1998
Smyrna, GA
Director/Technical Director
Phi Kappa Tau

James Porter, 1986
Council Vice President
Tampa, FL
Akerman LLP
Sigma Nu

Sue Ryan, 1989
Niles, MI
Director of Media Relations
University of Notre Dame
Phi Mu

Ashley Kanotz Subasic, 2016
Canonsburg, PA
Director of Career Services
Penn Commercial Business/Technical School
Zeta Tau Alpha

Mark Bado ’87, Sally (Schreiver) Bado ’50, Harold F. Balk ’87, J.P. Blaho ’94, Sharon Bogarad ’76, Ruth Caine ’64, Francis (Fiess) Caldwell ’59, Robert L. Coffield ’88, Linda S. Comins ’77, G. Malcolm Cottington ’50, Wilbur H. Cramblet, Jr. ’42, Katie Crosbie ’68, Jerry Gast ’75, Carol (Duecker) Grimes ’66, Amy (Callahan) Hayes ’95, Richard J. Hull ’70, Joyce King ’68, Carol (Dupke) Kurey ’61, Margy Lang ’81, Janet A. Long ’78, Arthur C. Low ’62, Robert L. Martin ’40, Mary Ann Menten ’75, Kenn Morgan ’71, Moya (Melnick) Phelleps ’80, David Seidman ’65, Mary (Cochran) Sweeney ’53, George Warrick ’68, David R. Williams ’70, Sue (Schnake) Yale ’64.

B.I.S.O.N. Program

“Nothing is more important to a college than the admission of bright, motivated students. Experience teaches us that alumni can be our greatest asset in finding and recruiting these students.” Robert A. Sandercox, ‘54

The B.I.S.O.N. program (formerly known as the B.I.S.O.N.S. – Bethanians in support of new students) has been resurrected and is looking for volunteers. A brief, concise training program is being implemented to help alumni engage in this critical mission.

The roles of the involved alumni are to:

  1. Help maintain the strength of the College as well as maintain the quality of its education,
  2. Make Bethany more widely known and better understood in your local area,
  3. Provide guidance to prospective candidates, and
  4. Provide information about the students you have met to the Enrollment Office staff.

The goals for you will be to:

  • Become informed about the College as it is today,
  • Become informed about the requirements of the admission process,
  • Contact prospective students to let them know we are interested in them and to answer questions about Bethany,
  • Participate in, and represent Bethany at, local college fairs,
  • Help sponsor receptions for prospective students in the community,
  • Congratulate students who have been accepted for admission,
  • Maintain a vested interest in prospective students as they move through the enrollment process,
  • Seek talented students who may not know of Bethany, and
  • Establish a relationship with a particular high school in your area.

For information, please fill out the form below or contact Justin Miller at or Deno Emili at

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Mailing Address (if different)
Are you willing to travel for college fairs? If so, how many miles?*
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Class Agents

A Bethany College Class Agent is an alumni volunteer who serves as a liaison between his or her graduating class and the College. The Class Agent corresponds with members of his or her class to provide information about the College, classmates and The Bethany Fund. An Agent’s objective is to advance the goals and support the mission of Bethany College .

  • Class Agent(s) must be active givers to The Bethany Fund during their term.
  • Class Agent(s) must communicate with their classmates no less than two (2) times per year. The Fall/Winter correspondence must include a request to give to The Bethany Fund. The Spring/Summer correspondence is an informative letter in nature.
  • A class may have up to four Agents sharing responsibilities. The Alumni Relations Office will support the Class Agent(s) as they correspond with their class by providing information about the College, classmates and The Bethany Fund.
  • At the beginning of each calendar year, the Alumni Relations Office will forward a schedule for the Class Agent(s) that will include mailing dates of Class Agent(s) correspondences and support packets from Alumni Relations Office.
  • The Alumni Relations Office will supply the Class Agent(s) with two informational mailers per year. They will be sent four to six weeks prior to the Fall/Winter correspondence and the Spring/Summer correspondence.

To volunteer as a Class Agent, please contact the Alumni Relations Office at 304.829.7299 or send an e-mail to