Alumni Get Involved

Getting involved with your alma mater is a great way to show your support, reconnect with peers, and meet current students.

By sharing your life experiences, you are providing invaluable guidance to help the College to continue to offer outstanding educational and life learning experiences.

Alumni and volunteer support is a key factor in enhancing the reputation of Bethany. We hope you can find a way to take time out of your busy schedule and GET INVOLVED. There are many paths to participation. Each program is developed with respect to your time while allowing you the greatest opportunity for personal satisfaction.

Give three students the opportunity to experience life at Bethany with the Alumni Referral Scholarship. Any student you refer is eligible to receive $1,000 each year they attend, up to $4,000.

Alumni Council

Alumni Council is comprised of alumni volunteers who have been nominated and elected by their peers to govern the activities of the Alumni Association. In addition to attending two meetings on campus each year and assisting with Homecoming and Alumni Weekend activities, all Council members are assigned to a standing committee.

Anyone interested in serving as a Council member is asked to contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 304.829.7299 for details.

Kristi Kaminski BurenOn behalf of the Bethany College Alumni Council, we invite you to get to know us.  Our Board of Directors is composed of alumni from across the decades, nominated and elected by our peers. We serve Bethany for up to nine years and demonstrate our personal commitment to the College by agreeing to fund specific projects on campus at each of our semi-annual meetings.

The mission of the Alumni Council is to serve as a bridge between the College and alumni, building support for College programs and engagement among the alumni community.

The Bethany alumni network, our Alumni Association, is over 10,000 strong, with alumni in every state and many countries.  You can get connected through Facebook, Linkedin, regional alumni events, and events on campus.

I also want to invite you to give back where and when you can. There are so many ways to get involved – career mentoring, Women in Leadership, hosting a regional alumni event, and annual giving are just a few of the many opportunities open to you to “engage the mind, embolden the spirit, and enlarge the world.”

Please look for more information to come on these pages. In the meantime, please make sure to update your contact information so we may continue to reach out to you with information from the Alumni Council about opportunities for involvement.

If you have suggestions for alumni events in your area or ideas for improving communication, please let me know, contact the Alumni Office at or 304.829.7411, or any member of the Alumni Board.

We look forward to your participation!

Kristi Kaminski Buren ‘93
Alumni Association

Kristi Kaminski Buren ’93

Lutherville, Md.

Thomas Miller ’77
(Vice President)

Pittsburgh, Pa.
Global Transportation Group

Kristi Kaminski Buren ’93

Lutherville, Md.

Thomas Miller ’77
(Vice President)

Pittsburgh, Pa.
Global Transportation Group

Kristie Bower Barnett ’97
Houston, Texas
Senior Vice President
U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management

Julia Diveglia Emrock ’03
Oakdale, Pa.
School Counselor,
South Side Area School District

Bruce Fahey ’77
Akron, Ohio
Kastner, Westman & Wilkins, LLC

Patrick Hosey ’80
(Immediate Past President)

Wilmington, Del.
Regional Account Executive,
Mainline Information Systems

Jason Haswell ’94
Wheeling, W.Va.
Managing Director/Senior Wealth Advisor,
The Monteverde Group LLC

Christine Lemley ’93
Potomac Falls, Va.
Portfolio Manager, Volkswagen Group of America

D. Sean McBride ’86
(Chair, Advancement Com.)
Fairfax, Va.
DSM Strategic Communications

Kerry McCann ’77
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Attorney, Allegheny County
Court of Common Pleas

Kylin (Harvey) McCardle ’03
Arlington, Va.
Senior Vice President, Client, Regulatory & External Affairs

Grant McLaughlin ’91
Arlington, Va.
Vice President
Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.

Chris Payne ’81
Atlanta, Ga.
Director, Enterprise Improvement,
AlixPartners, LLP.

Joelle Blaho Sinclair ’90
Pittsburgh, Pa.

Jessica Swann Skywatcher ’00
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Architect, Michael Baker International

April Starinsky ’02
Orlando, Fla.
News Producer, WFTV Television

Dan VanPelt ’95
Alexandria, Va.
Principal & VP,
Gorove/Slade Associates, Inc

Elizabeth (Walsh) Verrier ’96
Waxhaw, North Carolina
Global Chief Counsel, Cyber Solutions
Aon Service Corporation

Craig Williams ’96
Odenton, Md.
Vice President, HealthCare Innovation and Management Solutions, Johns Hopkins LLC, and Special Advisor to the President of the Johns Hopkins University for Regional Development Strategy

Mark Bado ’87, Sally (Schreiver) Bado ’50, Harold F. Balk ’87, J.P. Blaho ’94, Sharon Bogarad ’76, Ruth Caine ’64, Francis (Fiess) Caldwell ’59, Robert L. Coffield ’88, Linda S. Comins ’77, G. Malcolm Cottington ’50, Wilbur H. Cramblet, Jr. ’42, Katie Crosbie ’68, Jerry Gast ’75, Carol (Duecker) Grimes ’66, Amy (Callahan) Hayes ’95, Richard J. Hull ’70, Joyce King ’68, Carol (Dupke) Kurey ’61, Margy Lang ’81, Janet A. Long ’78, Arthur C. Low ’62, Robert L. Martin ’40, Mary Ann Menten ’75, Kenn Morgan ’71, Moya (Melnick) Phelleps ’80, David Seidman ’65, Mary (Cochran) Sweeney ’53, George Warrick ’68, David R. Williams ’70, Sue (Schnake) Yale ’64.

Class Agents

A Bethany College Class Agent is an alumni volunteer who serves as a liaison between his or her graduating class and the College. The Class Agent corresponds with members of his or her class to provide information about the College, classmates and The Bethany Fund. An Agent’s objective is to advance the goals and support the mission of Bethany College .

  • Class Agent(s) must be active givers to The Bethany Fund during their term.
  • Class Agent(s) must communicate with their classmates no less than two (2) times per year. The Fall/Winter correspondence must include a request to give to The Bethany Fund. The Spring/Summer correspondence is an informative letter in nature.
  • A class may have up to four Agents sharing responsibilities. The Alumni Relations Office will support the Class Agent(s) as they correspond with their class by providing information about the College, classmates and The Bethany Fund.
  • At the beginning of each calendar year, the Alumni Relations Office will forward a schedule for the Class Agent(s) that will include mailing dates of Class Agent(s) correspondences and support packets from Alumni Relations Office.
  • The Alumni Relations Office will supply the Class Agent(s) with two informational mailers per year. They will be sent four to six weeks prior to the Fall/Winter correspondence and the Spring/Summer correspondence.

To volunteer as a Class Agent, please contact the Alumni Relations Office at 304.829.7411 or send an e-mail to