BETHANY, W.Va. — Each year, the National American Chemical Society (ACS) organization recognizes student chapters for high caliber professional development and research initiatives, chapter development, and especially service and outreach. Due to their exceptional work, the ACS Bethany Affiliates Chapter has received an award of Commendable for eight of the last nine years. Over the previous year, due to the strength and quality of the student activities and the passionate work of both the executive committee and other members, the Chapter has been named an Outstanding Chapter, which is the highest possible award from the organization.

With regards to the Chapter’s exceptional work, club advisor Dr. Scott Brothers says, “The ACS Bethany Affiliates is a true joy to work with and is one of the brightest parts of my job as a faculty member at Bethany College. As the world has experienced true uncertainty over the last few years with a global pandemic, scientific knowledge and understanding are more important than ever. The STEM outreach from our Chapter is tremendously important, particularly in working with and educating young potential scientists, and I hope our Chapter’s success is viewed as a model for empowering and engaging the campus and community.”

Events from the 2022-2023 academic year included hosting a variety of events for National Chemistry Week, organizing STEM picnics, attending the ACS Spring National Meeting, working with regional high school students during Math and Science Competition Day, and participating in fundraisers and auctions such as the College’s annual Light Up Night ceremony. Chapter President Hailee Vizyak ’24 praises the Chapter and fellow members by saying, “The members of Bethany’s ACS Chapter have worked together to host a variety of events to target both students majoring in the sciences and the entire campus. Our executive committee has also been truly dedicated to the efforts that have enabled our Chapter to succeed. During the Spring 2023 semester, five members of our Chapter were able to attend the ACS conference in Indianapolis, Ind., for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. Now, we are planning to take six students to the ACS conference again next semester. More than half of those students, all members of our executive committee, will be presenting research at poster sessions throughout the event. Being the Chapter president of this organization has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my college career, and I am beyond proud of everything that we have accomplished.”

Last week, the Chapter hosted its 2023 National Chemistry Week events, including a health science trivia event, a science scavenger hunt on Mole Day, a cornhole tournament fundraiser, a Chapter bonding science movie night, and an annual STEM picnic.