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Bethany Connect:

Five pathways. One bold future.

A liberal arts education produces leaders—the critical thinkers who develop the big ideas, pave uncharted paths, and create the strategies needed for a successful future. In the process, our students learn to make deep connections so they can connect with others and the world in the most meaningful of ways.

So begins our bold vision for our College in Bethany Connect—a distinctive vision that incorporates five exciting pathways that will enable Bethany graduates to achieve unprecedented student success. Our strategic plan provides an opportunity for us to blaze a new trail—one where our students will discover the power of our exemplary teaching and learning, and an education that fully embraces a holistic approach designed to identify, hone, and strengthen their unique talents.

These pathways intentionally create connections between our College and the world outside it—between the historic past of Bethany and the bold future we want to pursue. They enhance the coveted connections between our students and the alumni who have come here before them.

Our College will foster self-discovery, serving as a sanctuary that empowers our students to explore ideas from every angle, to discover their passions, and to embrace the power of intellectual inquiry, so they can apply their education fully while strengthening their own adaptability, courage, and necessary skills.

By following these five pathways, Bethany can serve as an exemplar for liberal arts institutions. Our example is needed now more than ever and is one that will inspire our students to think big as we prepare them for the best future.

Global Engagement

1. | Global Engagement

Expanding opportunities worldwide.

Since our founding, Bethany has proactively built communities regionally, nationally, and internationally, recognizing the interconnectivity of our ever-evolving world. These vibrant connections support our students in becoming effective, global citizens who understand the importance of diversity and of engaging with diverse cultures. We now see a need for even greater immersion.

Our plan includes offering options for student travel during the first three years on campus, as well as study-away and off-campus learning opportunities. And by growing our international student population, building new educational partnerships around the globe, and increasing the diversity of our faculty and staff, we will bring the outside world directly to Bethany.

Scholarship & Research

2. | Scholarship & Research

Collaborate. Innovate. Grow.

Our students live in a fast-moving world that demands constant evolution. Bethany embraces adaptability through its commitment to innovative and effective teaching strategies. Through our plan, we aim to develop more ways to share our students’ research across campus and at the national level. And because we want our students to think big, we will offer a more expansive vision of ways to help them achieve their aspirations, including expanding and funding our new Gateway Initiative and facilitating greater opportunities for faculty-student collaboration.

Responsible Citizenship

3. | Responsible Citizenship

From our forest to our world.

Within our 1,300-acre upland forest that surrounds Bethany, students have opportunities to access our revitalized trail system and immerse themselves in an on-campus living-learning lab. Through Bethany Connect, we will expand our sustainability studies in partnership with Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens while cultivating new pathways for STEM, health science, pre-medical, and environmental careers. By preserving the world around our home, our students will have unique opportunities to have a positive impact on this campus, and eventually on their communities and the much larger world around us.

Robust Networking | Leadership Development

4. | Robust Networking
5. | Leadership Development

Stronger connections. Stronger leaders.

Bethany College is a national leader in graduating young people headed to the most consequential positions in government, finance, education, academia, the law, and medicine. Connecting today’s students to those distinguished Bethanians is essential to sustaining this tradition into the next generation. Transforming our students into leaders requires that they take advantage of Bethany’s extensive opportunities in varsity and intramural sports, student government, the arts, community service organizations, Greek life, and alumni engagement. By adapting to new roles and responsibilities in our community and connecting outside of it, our students grow on their paths to becoming national and world leaders. And by creating and sustaining a vital alumni network that encourages increased mentorship, giving, and service-learning, students enter the world and begin their careers knowing that Bethany alumni always have their backs.

Bethany Connect Strategic Vision 2016–2024

Connecting it all together.

Bethany College has served as a beacon for bold ideas. We have forged lifelong bonds among students, faculty, alumni, staff, and the global community since our founding in 1840. Inspired by our tradition, yet with a firm belief in our future vision, Bethany Connect seeks to solidify student success, providing every graduate with the tools, preparation, and critical thinking skills needed to thrive in our globally conscious and changing world.

Through this plan, new thinking takes flight, exciting discoveries await, and the need for our alumni becomes abundantly clear. Together, our alumni daily reflect the power of connections, and we call on you now to enable new generations to connect with you—and with us. Hire an intern, mentor a student, nominate alumni for awards, help recruit future students, follow us on social media, fund a scholarship, give a gift, and show your Bethany spirit every chance you get.

Bethany Connect embodies all of us as it looks to fuel our vision and guide our future—a future where challenges will be met by opportunity, where our storied history will unite with our students’ potential, and where alumni support changes lives, ensuring that the legacy of Bethany College lives on for generations beyond ourselves.

How are you connected to Bethany? Become a Bethany Connection today, and partner in a shared future poised for limitless success.

Become a Bethany Connection

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