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We are proud to offer a variety of living environments based on your interests!

We have co-ed residences, all male and all female residences with many of the amenities you have at home. Our goal is to foster a sense of learning and growth, while offering an environment that is both safe and secure. Additionally, it is our aim to promote campus involvement and the development of student relationships.

About Our Residence Halls

Residence Hall Cost per Semester


Building Room Type Cost per Semester
Campbell Village Single $3,115
Cochran Hall Double $2,890
Cochran Hall Single $3,115
Cochran Hall Double as Single (subject to availability) $3,615
Goodnight House Double $2,890
Goodnight House Double as Single (subject to availability) $3,390
Woolery Double $2,890
Woolery Double as Single (subject to availability) $3,390
Harlan Hall Double $2,890
Harlan Hall Double as Single (subject to availability) $3,390
Phillips Hall Double $2,890
Phillips Hall Double as Single (subject to availability) $3,390
Greek Hill Double $2,890
Greek Hill Double as Single (subject to availability) $3,390
Harlan Hall

Ivabell Harlan Hall is Bethany’s exclusive, newly renovated Residence Hall, with renovations being completed for the Fall 2023 semester. Located in the center of main campus, Harlan provides a traditional College residential experience for first-year students.

Harlan is the closest residence hall to first-year parking and to all academic buildings!

Students in Harlan will have single, double, or triple rooms depending on availability. Each room is equipped with twin-sized beds, closet space, and desks with chairs. Shared bathroom facilities are located on each floor. The Harlan building itself is a co-ed building; however, each floor remains single-sex.

Harlan also has a student academic lounge space on the lower level. There, students can gather for studying, games and conversation.

Cochran Hall

Cochran Hall serves as one of Bethany’s newest residence halls, housing over 70 students in its recently renovated modern suite-style rooms. Each suite accommodates two to six students. Within the suite, residents share common living space, a common bathroom, and either single or double bedrooms.

One of Bethany’s historical buildings, the Hall was constructed in 1910. It was originally used as a men’s residence and later faculty offices with a guest apartment in the basement. The College celebrated Cochran’s reopening after an extensive $4.5 million renovation in Fall 2010.

Conveniently situated, Bethany’s Thomas P. Johnson Jr. College Center – including Bethany House (Enrollment Management, Student Life, Renner Art Gallery, and the Department of Communications and Media Arts) and Benedum Commons – is just a short walk away.

Cochran is the closest residence hall to the Ogden Dining Hall, which is the College’s exclusive dining facility!

Cochran Hall is fully accessible and features a central elevator.

Goodnight House & Woolery House

Goodnight House and Woolery House are two-story residence halls designed to promote community living. For the 2023-2024 academic year, Goodnight will exclusively provide a home for female and female-identifying students; while Woolery will provide a home for male and male-identifying students.

Residents live in cube-style housing, consisting of four bedrooms and a common bathroom. Each bedroom contains two single beds, dressers, closet space, and desks with chairs.

Both halls feature two large lounge spaces, a common kitchen, and laundry facilities.

Campbell Village

Campbell Village is the foremost residence hall for returning, upperclass students. This residence hall is the furthest from main campus, but provides many of the amenities of home.

Campbell Village (CV) offers apartment-style suites designed for four students, each with their own bedroom. All bedrooms are furnished with a double bed, dresser, nightstand, mirror/closet, desk, and chair. Each suite contains two bathrooms with a sink, vanity, a bathtub/shower, and toilet. In each suite, students share a living area and kitchenette.

CV is made up of four separate buildings, all of which provide housing to nearly half of Bethany’s student population. Currently, CV provides housing primarily for upperclass students. But for the 2023-2024 academic year, there will be limited first-year student space available as well.

Phillips Hall

Phillips Hall is our historic, traditionally all-female residence hall. Today, Phillips is used primarily as a student and College programming space in Renner Too and Maxwell’s. It also features a large lounge where students, faculty, and staff often gather.

The hall was completed in 1929 and replaced the original Phillips Hall, which was a gift from Thomas W. Phillips.