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Motor Vehicles: General Information

Bethany College considers the use of motor vehicles by all faculty, staff, and students a privilege, subject to regulation. Anyone operating a motor vehicle on campus in violation of the rules and regulations, not using appropriate discretion, or failing to register a vehicle in accordance herewith, is subject to action under Parking and Safety and Security regulations and immediate suspension of vehicle privileges.

Faculty and Staff Parking Application

Student Parking Application

Registration Terms and Conditions
All faculty, staff, graduate assistants, resident assistants, students, and visitors must register their vehicles with the Department of Safety and Security when the vehicle is brought on school. Generally, a student’s vehicle registration is to be completed no later than class registration day at the beginning of each semester or within one day of bringing the car to school. The cost for registering a Student Vehicle is $100 per academic year or $50 per semester. All students living on or off campus must register their vehicles even if the car is kept off campus but in the town of Bethany.

The College assumes no liability in connection with student vehicles even though the student is on College property. Vehicles must be operated lawfully as proscribed by West Virginia law and Bethany College regulations. Accidents involving faculty, staff, students, visitors, or College-owned vehicles must be reported to the Department of Safety and Security immediately. Any change in vehicle status such as model, license number, etc., must be reported immediately to the Department of Safety and Security.

Registration for Students
Students must register all motor vehicles, including motorcycles, with the Department of Campus Safety and Security. The cost for vehicle registration is $100 per academic year or $50 per semester, regardless of when a vehicle is brought to campus. All students living off campus must register their vehicles if they intend to park on College property. All vehicles must be pre-registered. Failure to pre-register a vehicle results in the vehicle being put on a waiting list for availability, and a $25 late fee is assessed if the student is granted a registration permit.

Any change in vehicle status such as model, license number, etc., must be reported immediately to the Department of Campus Safety and Security to avoid suspension of driving privileges.

Student Parking Permits
The sticker issued when a vehicle is registered must be placed on the inside of the rear window of the registered vehicle. If the registration sticker is obstructed by dark tinting, louvers, or truck caps or if the vehicle is a motorcycle, the Department of Campus Safety and Security should be made aware so that an alternate location for the registered sticker can be approved. Vehicles without this prior approval are considered in violation of registration policy.

"*" indicates required fields

I hereby apply for permission to keep and operate an automobile while I am an employee of Bethany College. To the best of my knowledge, the questions above have all been answered correctly. I have read, understand, and do hereby pledge to abide by all regulations governing the use of automobiles as stated in the Bethany College handbook.

Upon being issued a Parking Permit, it must be placed in the front windshield hanging from the rear view mirror. Failure to properly display my permit may result in fines and/or towing if parked in such a manner to warrant having the vehicle towed.

I will also notify security if I transfer my permit to another vehicle, and/or get a temporary parking pass for a non-registered vehicle that I may be using short term.

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Freshman Parking: Freshman are permitted to park in the Coal Bowl Lot, located behind the Tennis Courts and the Freshman Lot, located over the hill west of Morlan Hall.

Sophomore – Senior Parking: Upperclassman are allowed to park in the Old Parkinson Lots, Greek Hill Lots, Commons Lot, Wellness Center Lot, Infirmary Lot, Field House Lot, Coal Bowl Lot, Campbell Village Lot, and Cramblet Lot.

Monday – Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., students are PROHIBITED to park in the following lots: Steinman Lot, Cramblet Lot, Small Lot Behind Morlan, Richardson Lot, Commencement Lot, Johnson Arts Center, Phillips Lot, Morlan Lot, Physical Plant Lot, Cochran Lot, Kirkpatrick Lot, and Erickson Alumni Center.

The Following Are the Rules and Fines Applicable: 

  1. Parking near a fire hydrant or blocking a Fire Lane Access, will be fined $50.00
  2. Parking on building patios, sidewalks and off hard surfaces of paved parking areas, or blocking a road or driveway, will be fined $50.00 and/or towing of the vehicle in violation, plus paying for any property damages.
  3. Non-registered student vehicles will be fined $25.00 any time the vehicle is parked on Bethany College property.
  4. Parking where there are no white-lined spaces is prohibited and will be fined $20.00 and/or towing of the vehicle in violation.
  5. Parking in the yellow-lined area on College Street (brick road) is prohibited. Vehicles will be booted/towed from this restricted area.
  6. Parking behind Campbell Hall in the Physical Plant area is restricted and will be fined $20.00 and/or towing of the vehicle in violation.
  7. Handicapped Parking by permit only! Violators will be fined $75.00 and/or towing of the vehicle in violation.
  8. Impaired/Intoxicated Drivers Bethany College will not compromise the safety of its campus community by permitting the unsafe operation of motor vehicles on campus, especially when such behavior is due to intoxication, or the influence of other illicit substances.

Other Violations:

  1. After three (3) violations, parking privileges can be suspended for the remainder of the school year. The vehicle will be impounded until returned home.
  2. Fleeing or failure to yield to the Security vehicle will be considered reckless operation and the student will be subject to a fine and/or the towing of the vehicle.
  3. Hazard/caution lights do not permit parking in fire lanes, restricted areas, etc. Vehicles will be booted/towed or fined.
  4. Driving on foot- paths, sidewalks and grass- covered areas is not permitted and will be considered reckless operation and the student will be subject to a fine, towing, or suspension from Bethany College.
  5. Campbell Village is one-way and is marked as such. Driving the wrong way is not permitted and the driver will be fined $25.00 and/or the vehicle may be towed.
  6. No student shall ride on the top of, or hang out of, any vehicle. Students are not permitted to ride in trunks or the rear of hatchback cars or sport utility vehicles. This is a serious safety violation and will result in a $50.00 fine to the driver and $25.00 fine to each passenger not properly seated. Riding in the bed of pick-up trucks is permitted, but passengers must be seated in the bed. Riding on side rails or fender wells is not permitted.
  7. Richardson Hall is one way and is marked as such. Driving the wrong way is not permitted and the driver will be fined $25.00 and/or the vehicle may be towed.

Visitor Parking

Visitors must obtain a temporary parking permit for the duration of their stay either from the Information Center in Benedum Commons or from the Department of Campus Safety and Security.

Temporary Permits 

Students, faculty/staff, and visitors may obtain a temporary parking permit from the Department of Campus Safety and Security to properly register those vehicles that are parked on campus for brief periods. There is no fee. However, fines/tickets are issued to those who do not obtain these permits. Students who wish to bring vehicles on campus for more than fifteen days must obtain the regular parking permit.

Medical Passes 

Students may obtain a signed excuse from the Health Services in case of illness or injury. This excuse is to be presented to the Supervisor of Security Services and a medical pass is issued for the specified period recommended by Health Services.

Students without vehicles who need transportation must obtain a medical pass, which may be used by another designated driver with a regular parking permit. The designated driver uses the medical permit only when transporting the incapacitated student. There is no fee.

A medical pass does not permit any student to park in a Fire Lane.

Handicapped Parking Space – These spaces are only to be used by individuals with the proper, legally authorized HANDICAPPED PARKING TAG.

Reserved Parking Spaces – The following marked spaces are off-limits to student/visitor parking, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no exceptions.

  • CV Upper Level reserved for employee spaces (2)
  • CV Reserve Lot, Manager parking space (1)
  • Main Campus, Reserved for visitors and guests (2)
  • College Street, (Brick Road), reserved for Security parking (5)

All spaces listed above are clearly signed.

A. Any vehicle parked on Bethany College property that is not properly registered with the Department of Campus Security, (i.e. current student sticker or valid visitor pass) will be towed or booted at the owner’s expense. Any registered vehicle that is parked illegally/improperly (i.e. fire lane, blocking access roads, etc.) will be booted or towed. If a visitor is booted, the officer will remove the boot free of charge, unless the visitor’s vehicle has two (2) or more outstanding non-registered tickets.

B. The cost of the boot removal is $150.00; to be paid before the boot is removed, with no exceptions. Payment can be made at the cashier’s window on the first floor of Cramblet Hall Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Payment can be made by cash, check or credit card. After 4:00 p.m. and before 8:30 a.m. payment of cash or check must be made to the officer on duty and a receipt will be issued.

C. Once a vehicle is booted, the owner or operator of that vehicle has twenty four (24) hours to pay the fine from the time listed on the boot form, or the vehicle will be towed from college property at the owner’s expense. If the vehicle is parked in a fire lane or in any other manner that could create a safety hazard, the Department of Campus Security reserves the right to tow the vehicle before the twenty-four hour period has passed.

D. When a student vehicle has been booted, there are no grace periods or extensions. The boot removal fee must be paid before the boot will be removed.

E. The $150.00 boot removal fee cannot be billed to a tuition account. The cost of the parking ticket may be billed to the tuition account if the student chooses not to pay the ticket the day of the boot removal.

F. Arrangements to release the booted vehicle must be made with the Department of Campus Security located on the second floor of Campbell Hall on Main Street next to the Bethany Memorial Church. You may reach them by calling 304.829.7744. Release arrangements must be made immediately or the vehicle will be towed and impounded at the owner’s expense.

G. The boot is the property of the Bethany College Department of Campus Security and any damage done to the boot will make the offender liable for the destruction of Bethany College property. Removing this device or moving the vehicle, by any means or in any manner, before an official release is obtained, constitutes separate and additional offense and may subject the offender to criminal penalties.

H. The Bethany College Department of Campus Security assumes no liability for loss or damage to this vehicle or its contents while so immobilized. Attempting to operate this vehicle while the immobilizing device is attached may result in serious damage to the vehicle, for which the owner/operator will be responsible.