Bethany College Announces Clergy/Laity Retreats

Bethany College now provides facilities for individual or small group retreats.




1) Lodging at Erickson Alumni Center
        (Mini-kitchen facility; $20/night)
2) Lodging is also available at the Gresham Inn
        (Mountainside Conference Center)




1) Prepare your own meals—microwave, refrigerator
    and coffee maker in Erickson.
2) Eat at the College cafeteria: breakfast $5.65, lunch
    $7.10, dinner $7.92.  (current rates)
3) Try local eateries (Bethany, Wellsburg, Wheeling)

751320130509-004-BethanyCollege.jpgRETREAT OPTIONS

1) Research in the Bethany College Library
    and Archives.
2) Tours Campbell Heritage sites.
3) Lead seminars or study sessions in the Renner
    Visitor’s Center.
4) Take spiritual discovery walks on the prayer
5) Hike Bethany trails.
6) Arrange for special study with Bethany College

To make arrangements contact:
Judy Pyle at  or 304-829-7723