Bethany College Expands Global Study Opportunities with WINS Affiliation

Bethany College’s Office of International Studies has broadened its reach with a new affiliation agreement with Webster University’s “Webster International Network School,” according to Dr. Scott D. Miller, Bethany College President. 

“As we begin the celebration of 175 years of Bethany College, we reflect on the historical connection to global studies that has been an important part of The Bethany Plan for many years,” Dr. Miller said. “Employers value students who can adapt to a team environment, meet deadlines and goals, and advance organizational initiatives by thinking globally, not just in a specialized way—all skills that can be attained at national liberal arts colleges such as Bethany.  Expansion of global opportunities for our students is one way that we keep our curricular and extra-curricular offerings responsive to the times.”

Bethany’s partnership with Webster University allows for students to engage in full-term and short-term programs around the world, Dr. Miller said. He added that Webster enjoys more than 20 years of international education experience and a nearly 100-year tradition of liberal arts education in the United States.

Bethany is one of 33 Webster affiliates in the United States.

Webster University has international campuses in Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Thailand, as well as international exchange partners in Brussels, Belgium; Beijing, China; Trier, Germany; Japan; Guadalajara, Mexico; and Oviedo, Spain. In addition to these semester-long destinations, a variety of short-term travel courses are also available through this partnership.

“Not only will our students benefit from this relationship, but our faculty will have increased opportunities to teach or research at one of the WINS campuses and a wide variety of professional development opportunities,” Dr. Miller said. 

Dr. Miller noted that international studies are a key element of The Bethany Plan, which aids students in identifying with and becoming a part of academic, co-curricular and extracurricular activities. As a part of The Bethany Plan, students can take advantage of global study-abroad trips, career-focused internships and research opportunities. Senior capstone projects and comprehensive examinations round out a student’s education at Bethany. 

“We all have 168 hours in a week,” he said.  “A typical student will devote 18 hours per week to classroom activities and sleep between 42 and 50 hours per week.  At a residential liberal arts college, we partner with students for learning activities for the remaining 100 hours.  This might be service learning, or it could be athletics and recreation, a campus job, or a fraternity or sorority.  But it can also be taking advantage of an amazing international experience. ”

Bethany’s international studies program allows qualified students to earn academic credit for formal study completed in a country other than the United States. To be eligible for study abroad, a student should normally have junior standing and approval by the Faculty International Education Committee. Several programs for study abroad are part of the Bethany curriculum.

Other Bethany programs include:

Heidelberg Program--Qualified Bethany students may enroll for a semester or a full year in such courses as German language, literature, history, and civilization courses at the Pädagogische Hochschule in Heidelberg, Germany. The first four weeks are spent in an intensive language course at a Goethe Institute. The Bethany representative and former Bethany exchange students from Heidelberg serve as counselors to Bethany’s students while they are at Heidelberg.

Paris Sorbonne Program--By special arrangement with the Sorbonne, qualified Bethany students may enroll for a semester or a full year in its Cours de Langue et de Civilisation Française. A Bethany representative in Paris serves as counselor to Bethany’s students during their stay at the Sorbonne.

Seigakuin Program--By special arrangement with the Seigakuin University of Saitamaken, Japan, qualified students may enroll for a semester or full year for studies in a variety of subjects or arrange for independent studies. Courses in Japanese language and culture are offered. A Bethany representative at Seigakuin University serves as counselor to Bethany students during their stay in Japan.

Spain Program--By special arrangement with the University of Navarra in Pamplona, qualified Bethany students may enroll for a semester or full year. A Bethany representative at the University of Navarra serves as counselor to Bethany’s students during their stay in Pamplona.

United Kingdom Programs--Bethany College makes three programs for study in the United Kingdom available to its students. Enrollment is limited. Restrictions on the use of financial aid resources may apply.

Harlaxton College Program--Qualified Bethany students may enroll in either the fall or spring semester at Harlaxton College, near Grantham, Lincolnshire. Students choose from the full range of curriculum offerings at Harlaxton College, including courses that traditionally meet general education requirements, as well as a British Studies course which features an interdisciplinary approach to the analysis of English culture. Harlaxton College is owned and operated by the University of Evansville (Indiana).

Oxford Program--Qualified Bethany students may enroll in either the fall or spring semester as affiliate students at an Oxford College through the Oxford Study Abroad Program. They take tutorials with Oxford faculty, have library, dining, and social privileges at their affiliate college, and enjoy other University privileges.

Regent’s College Program--Qualified Bethany students may enroll in either the fall or spring semester at Regent’s College, London. Regent’s offers a broad range of courses, including many which meet regular Bethany graduation requirements, as well as special courses designed to take advantage of the London/United Kingdom setting. Internships may also be available.

East Central Colleges Exchange Programs--As a result of Bethany College’s participation in the East Central Colleges (consortium), students may benefit from a series of exchange agreements developed by the consortium of East Central Colleges and administered through Muskingum University. Qualified Bethany students may remain registered at Bethany while living and studying for a semester or full year at one of the following institutions:

  • The American College of Thessalonia in Greece;
  • Blas Pascal University at Córdoba in Argentina;
  • The Inter-American University at San Germán in Puerto Rico;
  • Kansai Gadai University at Osaka in Japan;
  • The University of Karlstad in Sweden;
  • The University of Passau in Germany;
  • The University of Prince Edward Island at Charlottetown in Canada;
  • The University of Québec, at any of six campuses, in Canada; and
  • The University of Saskatchewan at Saskatoon in Canada.

Bethany students also benefit from a relationship with The College of Global Studies of Arcadia University, one of the largest and most respected campus study-abroad programs in the nation. The College serves students from Arcadia University and more than 300 U.S. colleges and universities, and offers semester, year and summer programs and more.

The Webster program, coupled with the College’s relationship with Arcadia University, brings over 75 new opportunities to Bethany’s international portfolio, Dr. Miller said. The College also recently renewed its agreement with the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in digital communications. These are two of the agreements Bethany has with over 20 institutions around the world.

Among Bethany’s educational partners are dual-degree offerings with Columbia University, Case Western Reserve University, Duquesne University, Carnegie Mellon University and others.

The strong emphasis on student services is nothing new to Bethany.  The College was recently featured in The Chronicle of Higher Education for its focus on a student-centered learning environment. Bethany is the only private National Liberal Arts College in the state, and in recent years has received national recognition for quality and cost from U.S. News and World Report, Barron’s, Washington Monthly, Forbes, Princeton Review and Colleges of Distinction. Last year, the College was ranked seventh in the nation by U.S. News and World Report in the percentage of graduates to attend graduate school within one year of graduation.  

West Virginia’s oldest degree-granting institution, Bethany traces its origins to the founding of Buffalo Seminary at what was then Bethany, Virginia, in 1818, Miller said. The institution counts 1840 as its founding as a degree-granting college.