Major Field of Study

Every student must select a major field of study from one of the academic departments of the College, from among the faculty-sponsored interdisciplinary programs, or by initiating and developing an individual interdisciplinary program.

A major program may require no more than 72 credits, no more than 48 of which may be in one curricular department. Credits for senior projects (2, 3, or 4 credits) do not count toward this total unless otherwise specified by a department. Each major requires a minimum of 24 credits within the department.

Faculty-sponsored and student-initiated interdisciplinary majors cross departmental lines. Information about faculty-sponsored interdisciplinary majors is available from the Office of the Registrar. Information about student-initiated interdisciplinary study is available from the Director of Interdisciplinary Studies.


Double Major: A double major represents the completion by a student of all of the curricular requirements of any two majors.  Students may elect to double major in any two disciplines of their choosing and are required to complete separate senior projects and comprehensive exams for each major program.  Students completing a double major receive one diploma. The double major is noted on the transcript.

Dual Major: A dual major is one in which the faculty of each of the programs involved have determined that because of significant curricular commonalities and/or the requirements of external certifying bodies, students completing all of the course requirements for each major would benefit by being able to complete a single senior project and a specialized set of extended, combined comprehensive exams. Dual majors are initiated by the faculty in the programs affected and are approved by the faculty as a whole. Students completing a dual major receive one diploma. The dual major is noted on the transcript. Information about dual majors is available from the Office of the Registrar and in the respective departments that host a dual major.

Pre-Professional Studies

Engineering degrees are also possible through cooperative programs with Case-Western Reserve University or Columbia University.