Endowed Professors

Dr. Scott D. Miller
President of the College and
M.M. Cochran Professor of Leadership Studies


6556Black.JPG David R. Black
Interim Provost and Sarah B. Cochran
Visiting Executive in Residence


 Dr. Brooke Lemmons Deal
Thomas W. Phillips Chair of Religious Studies, Associate Professor of Religious Studies


Dr. Elizabeth M. Hull
Dr. Robert L. Martin Chair in English Literature
Professor of English


 2691kappelcopy.jpg  Dr. Gary H. Kappel
Professor of History and Perry E. and
Aleece C. Gresham Chair in Humanities


Heather L. May-Ricciuti
The Mary Cutlip Director of Libraries and Learning Resources and Professor of Learning Resources


7456morgancopy.jpg Kenneth L. Morgan
Jennie Steindorf Renner Chair of Fine Arts
Director of Renner Gallery
and Curator of Permanent Art Collections


Anju Ramjee
John F. and Evelyn Casey Steen Professor in Economics and Professor of Finance
B.A., University of Calcutta
M.B.A., Ph.D., University of Cincinnati


2411Reilly.jpg Lisa M. Reilly
The Goulding-Woolery Professorship in Chemistry, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Chair of the Department of Physical Science and Mathematics
B.S., Mercyhurst College
Ph.D., Oklahoma State University


Travis Straub
Renner Visiting Scholar in English
B.A., West Virginia University
M.F.A., University of Pittsburgh


Joseph Walsh
Matthew Quay Ammon Professorship in Mathematics and Assistant Professor of Mathematics
B.S., Rutgers University
Ph.D, Stony Brook University