Class of 1977 - 40 for 40 Campaign

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A committee of representatives from the Class of 1977 are launching the 40 for 40 Campaign - $40,000 for 40 years - ear-marking this donation from the Class of 1977 for the renovation and expansion of the athletic facility.

Once the goal is reached, a room in the new athletic facility will be designated "In Honor of the Class of '77." The gift will also impact modern processes to energize the college's student enrollment and institutional advancement efforts.



If you currently contribute to Bethany College, we thank you and ask that you will consider making a contribution to the 40 for 40 Campaign in addition to your annual giving to the College. This will help to ensure the continued growth and vitality of the Bethany Fund as well as the successful completion of the Athletic Expansion Project.

"During our tenure at Bethany, we experienced traditions such as picnics at the Coal Bowl, comps, intramural sports competitions, Greek Sing, May Morning breakfast and parties at the Greek houses, to mention a few. We forged life-long friendships. We are the largest class to ever graduate and, of course, the best class! It’s our turn to give back so that future students are afforded the experiences we Bethanians treasure!"

Angie Bado '77