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Bethany College
Athletic Philosophy

Bethany College engages in athletics primarily to enhance the education of those who participate. A logical corollary of the above statement is that educational enhancement produced by participation in intercollegiate athletics ought to be available to as many students as possible. 
To assure that is the case Bethany College seeks to:
  • Provide equity of access to intercollegiate athletics for women and men;
  • Assure student access to a wide variety of intercollegiate sports;
  • Provide, within the limits of budget and student interest, junior varsity as well as varsity competition;
  • Provide facilities and equipment appropriate to the needs and the level of competition of the intercollegiate teams;
As an NCAA Division III school, Bethany College does not provide financial aid to students based on athletic ability. The same standards for awarding financial aid are applied to athletes and non-athletes.
Important factors in encouraging student participation in intercollegiate athletics include coaching excellence and reasonable scheduling. 
In these areas, Bethany College, seeks to:
  • Provide all intercollegiate teams with coaches who:
    • Know and can teach the sport they coach;
    • Will deal honestly and equitably with prospective students, and with all members of their teams;
    • Are aware of and responsive to the classroom needs of their students;
    • Can advise students academically,, and who can teach, when needed;
  • Provide equitable levels of competition for all intercollegiate teams;
  • Emphasize the importance of regular-season competition within the PAC, and with other regional colleges of similar philosophy and ability;
Bethany College acknowledges its responsibility to support, within the budget, its intercollegiate athletes when they have opportunity for post-season competition in NCAA Division III, ECAC, and PAC games or tournaments.
As an NCAA Division III institution, Bethany College maintains a particular relationship between the College and intercollegiate athletics. 
That relationship insures that:
  • Intercollegiate athletes are integrated into normal campus life, as all students are, in terms of housing access, course selection, and the like;
  • The Athletics Department is an integral part of Bethany College, and of its overall educational mission, “Recognition (in) the Bethany College community (of) the unity of all participants, both athletes and supporters…combining academics with athletics as an essential educational experience”.
  • All those who are affected by intercollegiate athletics-athletes, spectators, coaches, and athletic administrators-promote and are exposed to the highest standards of sporting behavior.