Student Spotlight: Alanna Bebech

"I know that my professors will be there every step of my journey to my career, even after I leave Bethany College," Alanna Bebech said when thinking about how Bethany has prepared her for a future in the psychology field.

"I will be attending graduate school before I begin my first career. I feel completely prepared for that step because of the amazing professors in the psychology department."


 Alanna Bebech with Professor of Psychology Dr. John Hull at the Eastern Psychological Association Annual Meeting. Alanna presented research she and other Bethany students had worked on throughout the Fall 2013 semester.

At the Eastern Psychological Association Annual Meeting, Alanna presented a joint research project titled "Perceptions of Outcomes in an Ambiguous Date Rape Situation."

Alanna worked on a team at Bethany College that administered surveys, ran data, interpreted the results and finally created a poster to present at the meeting. 

"To see a project come full circle was my absolute favorite part of the entire experience," Alanna said.

"To go from just an idea to a completed research project that is being presented is a enlightening experience. Presenting at EPA provided me the opportunity to discuss further research with fellow students and professionals and foster a passion for research in a multitude of psychological fields. I was fully equipped to answer all questions that were asked and to tell about further research that was in its beginning stages based off the completed data."

"Bethany College and the psychology department enabled me to attend a professional conference as a student and prepare myself for a future career in psychology."


What has been your favorite class at Bethany?
To pick just one class to be a favorite is nearly impossible. Any class through the Psychology department provides an in-depth look into whatever topic might be at hand. My favorite class would have to be Behavior Modification; this class is taught by Dr. John Hull and is one of the most applicable courses to the real world. In this course one can learn to analyze behaviors and how to modify those behaviors in practical ways. I have already used the information gained from this class multiple times throughout my college career.

What's your favorite memory at Bethany?
My favorite memory would have to be Greek Sing with my Alpha Xi Delta sisters. At the end of Greek Week everyone is simply exhausted, but that last event is an indescribable experience. Singing, dancing and having fun with sisters is something that is too amazing for words. In two years my sisters have become my best friends and my support system. Greek Sing pulls us together and connects the Greek community together, for this one evening everyone is linked together and celebrates each other.  

What makes Bethany College special?
The closeness of our campus astounds me. Walking around campus I am able to say hello and know nearly everyone that I run into. I can walk into classes and recognize people and interact with them personally. Bethany is unique; it’s one of the only places that I know where nearly everyone knows everyone. We create families here, whether it is on a sports team, sorority, fraternity, clubs, major, or in a dorm, we are a family. However, it does not stop there: The campus is one large family that supports one another and thrives when we are unified. My sorority family is truly a second family to me. I also know Bethanians, past, present, or future, will be a part of my support system wherever I venture. Bethany means more to me than I could ever describe, and I intend to share my outrageous love of alma mater with the world.

How can future Bethany students make the most of their college experience?
People will say this over and over again, but get involved. Over the past three years I have been a part of a variety of different clubs. Stepping out of your comfort zone and joining a random club is fun, and you can meet the most extraordinary people. Our Campus is diverse and each person brings something completely different to the table, and you can learn something new from each person and each experience you have.