Bethany College extends our heartfelt empathy to the students, faculty, and staff who are impacted by today’s announcement of Alderson Broaddus’ closure. With deep respect, we wish you strength as you navigate through this very difficult time.

To the Alderson Broaddus students affected, we want you to know that Bethany College is here to offer immediate assistance and relief by extending our support and inviting you to join the Bethany College Community.  Bethany College is committed to providing an expedited transfer process by providing you a financial aid package, reviewing your transcript, and assigning you housing within 24 hours to ensure you lose little if any ground in pursuit of your degree. Bethany College is proud to announce that we are on pace for record enrollment numbers for the Fall 2023 semester and our numbers continue to climb.

Bethany College is committed to meeting 100% of an Alderson Broaddus’ student’s financial need.  Merit scholarships are also available. Bethany College will also accept Alderson Broaddus University credits with a C grade or better that are commensurate with Bethany College’s specific programs of study. 

In addition, in the event an Alderson Broaddus student has executed a lease agreement with a non-university landlord in the Phillipi area and unable to secure relief and terminate the lease, Bethany College will provide free housing for one semester.

Bethany’s faculty, coaches, and staff stand ready to support Alderson Broaddus students and their families as they begin to navigate their next educational journey.  If you have any questions or would like to learn more, we invite you to contact us at your earliest convenience.  

Dana Bearer, Vice President for Enrollment Management

Enrollment Office: 304.829.7611

Enrollment After 4:30 p.m.: 814.931.9777