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The Financial Aid Office works to provide students part-time employment through on-campus jobs that can help students attain both professional and educational experience. Nearly every department and office on campus employs students, student employees are an integral part of the daily operation of Bethany College. The Financial Aid Office collaborates with all departments and students.

The Financial Aid Office is located in Bethany House.

In order to be eligible to work on campus, all students are required to complete the FAFSA.

Federal regulations prohibit working during scheduled class times. Student workers should submit a copy of their class schedule to office supervisors to arrange a work schedule that does not interfere with classes.

Positions will be posted as they become available.

In order to obtain a work study position on campus, all students must complete a W-4 tax form, I9 form, submit acceptable forms of ID, complete all required paperwork, complete the FAFSA and be a student in good standing with Bethany College before you are permitted to work. A Student Work Study Authorization Form must be completed and approved by the AVP of Enrollment Services and Financial Aid Operations before you begin working.

Students are permitted to work one job, 8 hours a week unless otherwise approved by the Financial Aid Office.

A student may not work past their annual Work Study Award Allotment. You will be notified if/when you are close to earning your award allotment. Once you as a student have earned your award allotment, you are not permitted to continue to work on campus.

Students must apply for and be accepted into the Master’s of Education program before their application for a Graduate Intern (GI) position can be considered. Please note GIs are expected to be on campus during the academic year (August to May) to complete the terms of their position.

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