Diane Snyder
Diane S. Snyder Psy.D.

Assistant Professor


Kirkpatrick Hall, Room 204B


Dr. Snyder has a Doctorate degree in Counseling Psychology from Carlow University, and over 15 years’ experience as a child and family therapist. Dr. Snyder is the former Executive Director of a counseling agency serving teens and their families. As a certified instructor with the state of Pennsylvania’s Early Learning Keys to Quality, Dr. Snyder is identified by the state of PA as an authority on developmental issues in young children. Previously, Dr. Snyder served as a featured columnist for Mt. Lebanon Magazine and was recognized by Pittsburgh Magazine as one of Pittsburgh’s “40 Under 40” individuals making a difference in their communities. Her dissertation research examined the quality of life issues for adults diagnosed with autism. Dr. Snyder’s research interests include exploring autism and other developmental issues with children, the use of projective and objective assessment measures with children, and examining the effectiveness of in-home therapies. Dr. Snyder’s clinical training included an APA accredited pre-doctoral internship as an Autism Specialist at The Watson Institute, and a post-doctoral residency in the counseling center at Carnegie Mellon University.

Recent publications include:
Snyder, D. (2016). Successful Intervention With Suicidal Youth. Crisis Association of PA Conference, Pittsburgh, PA, November, 2016. Invited Speaker.

Reed, R. & Snyder, D. A review of instruments used in the assessment of children. Presented at the Pennsylvania Psychological Association Annual Convention, Harrisburg, PA, June, 2014.

Snyder, D. (2010). Psychodynamic therapy: What’s new? The Pennsylvania Psychologist, 70(3), 24-25.

McAllister, J., Snyder, D., & Reed, R. (2010). Prescribing practices within the BHRS system: An examination of independent vs. in-house prescriber methods. The Pennsylvania Psychologist, 70(6), 17-18.

Areas of specialization include:
Mental Health Issues
Clinical & Counseling Psychology
Autism & Developmental Disabilities

Terminal Degrees:
Psy.D., in Counseling Psychology, Carlow University, 2013
M.A., in Counseling Psychology, National University, 1998
B.A., in Psychology, San Diego State University, 1991