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What will you study at Bethany?

At Bethany College, we believe that a distinct college experience prepares you for a distinct future. Here, you can choose from a variety of majors and minors that will allow you to explore your interests and passions all while preparing you for the career of your dreams in an area of study where you’re sure to thrive.

Find your home in one of our 12 academic departments, where you can choose from 32 majors and 33 minors. Faculty members work closely with all students to ensure their personal plan of study is comprehensive and grounded in our classical liberal arts education. You will feel supported from day one as you engage with your professors, establish mentor relationships, explore career coaching opportunities, and experience our distinctive First-Year Experience.












You may already have a major in mind or be completely undecided and that’s okay! At Bethany we’ll help you explore various interests and passions so you’re sure to find the career that’s right for you. Our faculty-sponsored and student-initiated interdisciplinary majors cross departmental lines making it possible to combine interests and explore more than one area of study. For more information about faculty-sponsored interdisciplinary majors contact the Office of the Registrar. Information about student-initiated interdisciplinary study is available from the Director of Interdisciplinary Studies.


*Indicates an Interdisciplinary Major

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All students must select an academic major field of study from one of our 12 academic departments, choose a faculty-sponsored interdisciplinary program, or initiate and develop an individual interdisciplinary program.

A major program may require no more than 72 credits, no more than 48 of which may be in one curricular department. Each major requires a minimum of 24 credits within the department.

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