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Major Field of Study

Every student must select a major field of study from one of the academic departments of the College, from among the faculty-sponsored interdisciplinary programs, or by initiating and developing an individual interdisciplinary program.

A major program may require no more than 72 credits, no more than 48 of which may be in one curricular department. Credits for senior projects (2, 3, or 4 credits) do not count toward this total unless otherwise specified by a department. Each major requires a minimum of 24 credits within the department.

Faculty-sponsored and student-initiated interdisciplinary majors cross departmental lines. Information about faculty-sponsored interdisciplinary majors is available from the Office of the Registrar. Information about student-initiated interdisciplinary study is available from the Director of Interdisciplinary Studies.

Biology Department

Biology Program:

Biology (Major)
Environmental Science (Major)
Concentrations in:
 – Biochemistry
 – Biology
 – Biology Education
Botany (Minor)
Environmental Biology (Minor)
Zoology (Minor)
Medical and Health Professions (Pre-Professional Program)
Pre-Veterinary Medicine (Pre-Professional Program)


Business Department

Accounting Program:

Accounting (Major, Minor)

Business Program:

Finance (Major, Minor)
International Business (Major)
Management (Major, Minor)
Marketing (Major, Minor)
Entrepreneurship (Minor)


Communications & Media Arts Department

Communications & Media Arts Program:

Communications & Media Arts (Major, Minor)
Concentrations in:
 – Integrated Media & Marketing
 – Digital Media & Production
 – Graphics
 – Sports Communications


Education Department

Education Program:

Education (Major)
Multi-Category Special Education K-Adult (Minor)
Secondary Education (Minor)


History and Political Science Department

History Program:

History (Major, Minor)

Political Science Program:

Political Science (Major, Minor)
Pre-Law (Pre-Professional Program)


Humanities Department

English Program:

English (Major)
Concentrations in:
 – Literature
 – Creative Writing
 – Education
 – Writing and Language
American Literature (Minor)
British Literature (Minor)
Creative Writing (Minor)
Writing in Social and Natural Environments (Minor)

Religious Studies & Philosophy Program:

Religious Studies (Major, Minor)
Philosophy (Minor)
Religion and Social Justice (Minor)
Pre-Ministry (Pre-Professional Program)

World Languages & Cultures Program:

German Studies (Major)
Spanish (Major, Minor)
French (Minor)
German (Minor)


Interdisciplinary Studies Department

Interdisciplinary Studies Program:

Environmental Science (Major)
International Relations (Major)
Music Technology (Major)
Psychology and Education (Major)
Psychology, Religion and Culture (Major)
Medieval and Renaissance Studies (Minor)
Nonprofit Management (Minor)
Nonprofit Marketing (Minor)
Women’s Studies (Minor)

Physical Education & Sport Studies Department

Physical Education & Sport Studies Program:

Physical Education and Sport Studies (Major)
Concentrations in:
 – Recreational and Athletic Administration and Coaching Education
 – Sport Management
– Sport Medicine
– Teacher Education Grades K-12

 – Teacher Education Grades 5-8


Physical & Computational Sciences Department

Chemistry Program:

Chemistry (Major, Minor)
Concentrations in:
 – Professional Chemistry
 – Biochemistry
 – Chemistry Education Grades 9-12

Computer Science Program:

Computer Science (Major, Minor)
Cybersecurity (Major, Minor)
Concentrations in:
 – Cybersecurity – Information Assurance
 – Cybersecurity
Computer Science and Accounting (Major)

Economics Program:

Economics (Major)
Concentrations in:
– Managerial Economics
– International Economics

Economics and Mathematics (Major)
Economics, International or Quantitative (Minor)

Mathematics Program:

Mathematics (Major, Minor)
Concentrations in:
 – Mathematics-Economics
 – Mathematics-Physics
 – Mathematics-Computer Science
 – Mathematics-Actuarial Science
 – Mathematics Education

Physics Program:

Physics, Experimental or Theoretical (Minor)
Pre-Engineering (Pre-Professional)


Psychology Department

Psychology Program:

Psychology (Major)
Concentrations in:
 – Psychology with a Human Services Emphasis
 – Psychology with a Scientific Emphasis
 – Psychology with a Sports Psychology Emphasis
Psychology and Social Work (Major)
Pre-Art Therapy (Pre-Professional Program)
Pre-Occupational Therapy (Pre-Professional Program)
Pre-Physical Therapy (Pre-Professional Program)


Social Work Department

Social Work Program:

Social Work (Major)
Criminal Justice (Minor)


Visual and Performing Arts Department

Music Program:

Music (Major, Minor)

Theatre Program:

Theatre (Major, Minor)
Concentrations in:
 – Performance
 – Technical Theatre

Visual Art Program:

Visual Art (Major, Minor)
Concentrations in:
 – Studio Art
 – Art Education