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Investigate the legal world.

Pursue a criminal justice major—built with a liberal arts framework—and discover how the unique combination of law, sociology, psychology, and public administration fuels dozens of careers in the criminal justice field.    

 Courses are grounded in a firm commitment to equipping you to make a difference in the world of criminal justice. The curriculum covers topics from criminology, law enforcement, and criminal investigation to abnormal psychology, forensic chemistry, and constitutional law. Plus, small class sizes allow expert professors to personally invest in you and your academic journey.

Outside of the classroom, engage in hands-on study with professionals working in the field through internship. The senior project provides students with the opportunity to complete self-directed research on a topic of interest.  This project allows students to be competitive in  the work-force or graduate school. Graduates are prepared to enter supervisory positions, formulate public policy, pursue law school, and so much more.

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Areas of Study

  • Criminal Justice (Major, Minor)

Why Bethany

A comprehensive approach, considering social, policy, economic, and environmental issues
Average Class Size 25
Earn credit for internships

Careers in Criminal Justice

  • Attorney
  • Computer Crimes Investigator
  • Conservation Warden
  • Correction Officer
  • Correctional Treatment Staff
  • Counter-terrorism Investigator
  • Court Advocate
  • Criminal Psychologist
  • Homicide Detective
  • Juvenile Court Clinician
  • Law Enforcement Officer/Analyst
  • Paralegal
  • Parole Officer
  • Police Officer
  • Probation Officer
  • Residential and Transitional Program Coordinators
  • School Adjustment Counselor
  • Secret Service Agent
  • U.S. Marshal

Meet the Faculty

Melanee W. Sinclair

Chair; Professor of Social Work and Coordinator of Field Placements

M.S.W., West Virginia University
B.A., West Virginia Wesleyan College

Jeff Bryson

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Ph.D., Capella University
B.A., Ohio Valley University

Criminal Justice Courses

Experience intentional courses that dive into everything pertaining to the criminal justice system. At Bethany, you will learn investigative skills, problem-solving techniques and organizational tools that will set you up for success.

Your courses may include:

  • SOWO 130 Drug and Alcohol Abuse
    Provides drug and alcohol education for an enhanced understanding of the effects of drugs and alcohol on individuals, families, and the community at large. Topics covered in the course include the effects of alcohol and drugs on the body, the relationship between alcohol and drug use and mental illnesses, family issues resulting from abuse and addiction, the role of peer pressure, and identification, prevention, and treatment of alcohol and drug addiction.
  • CRJU 147 Intro to Criminal Justice
  • CRJU 201 Criminal Law & Procedures
  • CRJU 311 Juvenile Justice
  • PSYC 325 Abnormal Psychology
    Explores the development, dynamics, social significance, and theoretical implications and treatment of deviant behavior. The concepts of normality and abnormality in relation to cultural norms and stereotypes are examined.

Criminal Justice Internship Opportunities

An internship within the field of criminal justice serves as one of the most important resume additions for students hoping to pursue a related career. In these settings, you can expect to shadow working professionals, build upon practical skill sets, and get an inside view of the legal world.

Curious what internship opportunities are out there for students majoring in the criminal justice field? Check out some examples.

  • Client Advocate Intern
  • Corporate Security Intern
  • Criminal Justice Intern
  • Criminal Justice Intervention Intern
  • Financial Crimes Unit Internship
  • Forensic Investigator Intern
  • Legal Intern
  • Police Intern
  • Public Policy Intern
  • Research Intern
  • Substance Abuse Counselor Intern
  • U.S. Marshal Service Intern
  • Medium Security Prison Intern