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Unlock your success in the ever-evolving realm of game creation.

The video game industry is bigger than music, TV, and film combined. While it may seem like it’s all “fun and games,” this industry will grow to a whopping $321 billion in market size by 2026. With unique career opportunities and high starting salaries, our program is designed to train young adults who will shape the future of digital entertainment and gaming. 

Bethany College’s game development program offers comprehensive training for a career in the evolving world of game design and development. After graduation, you’ll have expertise in areas like game design principles, programming, 3D modeling, and interactive storytelling. Our curriculum is designed to provide practical experience in game creation and development, equipping you to thrive in the creative and technical aspects of the gaming industry. 

Areas Of Study

Game Development (Major)

The institution’s ability to initiate this program is contingent upon prior HLC approval. An HLC decision is anticipated this summer.

Game Development (Minor)

Why Bethany





  • Game Developer
  • Content Designer
  • Background artist
  • Character artist
  • Concept Artist
  • Desktop Publishing Specialist
  • QA Game Tester
  • User Experience Specialist
  • Programmer
  • Audio Worker

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Discover cutting-edge programs that are shaping the digital landscape at Bethany College. Whether you’re intrigued by coding, captivated by game design, or fascinated by esports, Bethany College offers the perfect blend of education and innovation to fuel your ambitions. Explore our programs today and level up your future!

About Rize Education

This program is offered in partnership with Rize Education to deliver high-quality, flexible, online student experiences. They specialize in connecting academic rigor with industry relevance. 

Our partnership enriches the curriculum with the latest industry trends and combines the convenience of online learning with the effectiveness of traditional campus engagement, providing students with a comprehensive and adaptable educational pathway that maximizes the best of both worlds. For parents, this means students will graduate with the same life-changing degree from Bethany College while elevating skills that will prepare them for the modern workforce. 


At Bethany, you’ll find a curriculum that distinctively prepares you for a successful career in the field of game development.

Required Courses

  • CPSC 130 Introduction to Games – Games sit at the intersection of technology, art, and culture, so success within the games industry requires you to understand all three. This course explores why we love games, what role they play in society, and the industry that produces them. You’ll also learn the basics of game development. This course was developed in partnership with Unity and the IGDA to help everyone interested in the games industry start on the right foot. This online class has optional live sessions.
  • CPSC 151 Computer Science I – This course emphasizes techniques of algorithmic design, structured programming, and debugging. The course also introduces students the mission-critical and strategic importance of IBM z System mainframe transactions or real-time data analytic technologies used by U.S. and Global Fortune 500 companies. By learning the z System, students learn an overall structure of the enterprise computing from hardware architectures to application programming. This beginning course for computer science majors may also be taken by others who wish to learn a high-level computer language.
  • CPSC 152 Computer Science II – This course is an introduction to advanced features of a high-level computer language including stacks, queues, and user-defined data structures. The programming assignments involve the techniques of searching, sorting, and recursion.
  • CPSC 250 Content and Systems Design – If you’ve ever enjoyed the experience of playing a video game, you’ve had a first-hand lesson in how important content and systems design are. The experience of a game is driven by four major components: content, systems, narrative, and user experience. This class will help you learn to design all four components, and build a deeper understanding of the game development process and an introduction to concepts in scripting. This online class has optional live sessions.
  • CPSC 275 Data Structures and Algorithms – This course is a study of the theory of and advanced techniques for representation of data, including link-lists, trees, graphs, analysis of algorithms, sorting, searching, and hashing techniques.
  • CPSC 350 Unity I: Working with Unity – The Unity engine powers nearly 50% of all games and nearly 75% of mobile games. This course, built in collaboration with Unity and the IGDA, will introduce you to developing games in Unity. By the end of this course, you’ll learn how to build a fully functioning game within the Unity system, including all key elements. This online course has optional live sessions

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