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Fuel your interest in a broader world.

Jumpstart your global-focused career with an international studies major—an interdisciplinary program that is designed to provide multiple perspectives on the issues facing an increasingly connected world.

Whether you see yourself working in trade, politics and diplomacy, nonprofit and humanitarian work, or intercultural exchange, an international studies major at Bethany will give you the tools you need to engage our world and to make a difference in it.

The international studies major allows you to follow your unique interests with a flexible design. Within the program, you will choose 1) a foreign language and 2) either a social sciences or humanities track. Each path includes courses from a variety of fields.

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Areas Of Study

International Studies (Major)

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  • Archivist
  • Cultural Specialist
  • Demographer
  • Diplomat
  • Economist
  • Global Communications Specialist
  • Immigration Specialist
  • Intelligence Specialist
  • International Lawyer
  • International Marketing Consultant
  • International Marketing Specialist
  • International Salesperson
  • International Student Ambassador
  • Journalist
  • Language Specialist
  • Lobbyist
  • Market Research Analyst
  • National Security Agent
  • News reporter
  • Nonprofit Program Manager
  • Political Analyst
  • Politician
  • Research Analyst
  • United Nations Worker
Meet The Faculty
Kayce Mobley

Assistant Professor; Chair

Morlan Hall
Harald Menz

Professor of World Languages and Cultures (German); Co-Chair, Department of Humanities

Morlan Hall, 116


Unique to Bethany’s international studies program is the ability to select courses that align with your interests. Regardless of which degree track you choose—social sciences or humanities—you will graduate prepared for a wide variety of career paths with a fueled interest in the broader world.

Your courses may include:

  • ECON 113 Comparative Economic Systems
    Covers the post-World War II performance of the industrialized economies. The course compares the relative economic performance of the market capitalist economies and the former centrally planned socialist economies. Emphasis is on international competition among the industrialized economies. The course concludes with a brief survey of the less developed economies and their prospects for economic modernization.
  • HIST 101-102 World Civilizations I & II
    Provides a survey of world civilizations and the interactions between the different centers of civilization from the ancient world to the present. Particular emphasis is given to non-Western cultures in Asia, Africa, and the Americas.
  • POLS 253 Nature and International Society
    Examines the political, economic, ethical/philosophical, and international security dimensions of the relationship between the environment and society. Special focus is on the role of political institutions and the market in resolving the ecological challenges of the 21st century.
  • ENGL 268 Modern World Literature
    Studies the work of 20th century writers representing the diverse cultural traditions of the modern world. In addition to writings representing the western tradition, works are studied representing such traditions as the Eastern European, the Middle Eastern, the African, the Latin American, and the Asian.
  • BUSI 308 International Business
    Introduces the concept of international business as a system and the theories that underlie it. Students are introduced to globalization and the cultural, economic, political and legal environment of international business. Students are exposed to the risks, challenges, and opportunities of competing in a global marketplace. Students also learn about trade relations, international finance, and legal and labor agreements.
  • COMM 345 Intercultural Communication 3 credits
    Focuses on communication among individuals from divergent cultures. The processes by which perceptions are created, expressed, and influence interpersonal relationships are examined. Emphasis is on identifying and controlling the roles that culture plays within a wide range of communication contexts.


Completing an internship within the field of international relations will provide you with the opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to the real world of politics and government. Experience first-hand how policies work outside the classroom and gain valuable skills for your career.

Curious what internship opportunities are out there for students majoring in international studies? Check out some examples.

  • Foreign Policy Intern
  • Global Business Development Intern
  • Global Communications and Media Relations Intern
  • Global Sales Intern
  • Government Affairs Intern
  • Journalism Intern
  • Nonprofit Intern
  • Political Affairs Intern
  • Political Intern
  • Public Policy Intern
  • Public Relations Intern
  • Research Intern

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