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Discover a pre-law program that equips you with the knowledge and confidence to pursue a successful career in the legal field.

While there is no particular pattern of courses required for admission to law schools, the courses in Bethany’s pre-law program are an intentional blend of topics across disciplines—such as political science, accounting, communications, philosophy, English literature, composition, and more. Bethany offers a robust curriculum and excellent academic advising that will provide a firm foundation for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) exam, which most students aim to take no later than December of senior year.

Interested in accelerating your education? Take advantage of Bethany’s innovative three-three programs. Complete three years of undergraduate coursework at Bethany, then enter law school at Ohio Northern University, Duquesne University, or Appalachian School of Law where you can earn your juris doctor (J.D.) degree in 3-4 more years of study.

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Areas Of Study

Pre-Law (Pre-Professional Program)

Why Bethany





“Despite the size of Bethany, its vast array of alumni connections, in addition to its rigorous yet thought provoking course load, provides any student the opportunity to excel in the field they’ve selected. Specifically, Bethany’s Political Science, History, and Pre-law Departments teach students proper research and writing skills which prove useful when pursuing higher education or entering the workforce. For me, the opportunity to develop the aforementioned skills has helped me in Law School thus far and will continue to benefit me throughout my future career.”

Hunter Bowman B.A.

Political Science - Pre-Law Focus, 2021, Summer Law Clerk at the West Virginia Attorney General’s Office. Pursuing a Juris Doctorate at Ohio Northern University - Claude W. Pettit College of Law Ada, Ohio


  • Arbitrator
  • Compliance Officer
  • Human Resources Representative
  • Law Enforcement Officer
  • Law Librarian
  • Lawyer
  • Legal Secretary
  • Legislative Assistant
  • Mediator
  • Paralegal
  • Public Affairs Officer
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Special Agent
  • Victim Advocate
Meet The Faculty
Kayce Mobley

Assistant Professor; Chair

Morlan Hall


Bethany’s pre-law program provides students with a variety of courses that will prepare them for the LSAT, law school, and a successful career in the legal field.

Your courses may include:

  • POLS 110 American Politics
    Introduces the formal and informal structures, institutions, and processes which comprise the American political system at the national level.
  • POLS 322 Judicial Behavior
    Studies the United States courts as an institution and process, emphasizing the Federal courts. The course examines the role of the courts as defenders of the rights of citizens and as makers of law and policy.
  • POLS 323 Constitutional Law
    Considers case studies and moot cases to examine the historical development of important constitutional issues before the United States Supreme Court. Students become familiar with the basic structure and functions of the federal court system.
  • POLS 362 Modern Political Thought
    Explores modern and post-modern political thought and examines the writings of important political thinkers of the past 500 years. Emphasis is on the development of political theories regarding issues such as democracy, citizenship, justice, equality, race, gender, sexuality, and the environment.


An internship within the legal field allows you to experience the day-to-day life of a legal professional. It also provides you the perfect opportunity to create a professional network and gain hands-on experience that you’ll be able to use after graduation.

Curious what internship settings are out there for pre-law students? Check out some examples.

  • Corporate Law Department
  • County Clerk’s Office
  • Government Agencies
  • Human Resource Department
  • Law Office
  • Legal Aid Society
  • Non-profit Law Firm
  • Public Defender and District Attorney’s Offices
  • Senator’s Office

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