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Financial Aid

At Bethany, you will discover a college that gives back far more than what you put in. Our distinctive academic programs will further your knowledge while the entire community will support your personal and professional growth. Far beyond a good return on investment, your Bethany experience offers lifelong benefits that increase year after year.

Our promise to you: We will work to provide you the maximum amount of financial aid you are eligible to receive each year of your Bethany College enrollment.


of students receive financial assistance

Your first step in receiving funds to support your Bethany College education begins with the submission of your FAFSA. Be certain to share your results with Bethany College by providing our college code 003808. If you would like more details about the FAFSA, click here.

What Alumni Are Saying

Bethany allows you to start at the campus television station as a freshman. Every other school I looked at made you wait until you were a junior to be able to participate in the campus production.” This hands-on experience at Bethany placed Ashley far ahead of her peers when she graduated. “I just knew I wanted to be in television, and I was able to hold almost every position at the campus TV station. It definitely prepared me and helped me to get into the field.

Ashley Dougherty
Class of 2005
Meteorologist, WTAE Action News, Pittsburgh

If you have any questions regarding financial aid, fill out the form below to connect with our knowledgeable staff via a virtual appointment.