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New Student Advising

Ready for Advising?

The Bethany College faculty want to meet with you.

If you want to speak to a particular department or departments, we can arrange a virtual meeting. Our faculty are committed to not only getting you to Bethany but through the next four-years until graduation.

New students are assigned a Transition Advisors Group (TAG) advisor soon after depositing. A TAG advisor will reach out via email and/or by phone to discuss your current interests, activities, future goals, and possible majors. Advisors will work with you to set your fall semester and get you on your way to freshman year. You will be able to access your schedule via Self Service once you receive your student login and password.

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Welcome to the Class of 2027

Faculty members work closely with all students to ensure a proper grounding in the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. Bethany students have many opportunities to tailor their curriculum to their personal interests, but in addition, faculty work closely with each student to ensure that their personal plan of study is both comprehensive and clear. If you want to speak to a particular department or departments, we can arrange a virtual meet up. Contact your enrollment counselor to set up a virtual meeting with a faculty member in your field of study. New students will receive cabin information at move-in. Camp Bell activities are mandatory for all incoming students.

Camp Bell & Bethany First-Year Experience

Camp Bell is the first of three parts of the Bethany First-Year Experience which is the first step in the Bethany Plan and the official start of your time at Bethany College. During Camp Bell, you will join other incoming freshman in a “Cabin” to not only start forming life-long bonds but also get an introduction to college life at Bethany.

Camp Bell is a collaborative, immersive, and interactive experience to familiarize students with the culture and environment of Bethany College and the traditions of the liberal arts. It is designed to meet those objectives through focused peer-to-professor and peer-to-peer activities. Peer-to-professor activities have included poetry workshops, intercultural activities and demonstrations from World Languages faculty, 3D printing, nature walks, pottery throwing, and yoga and meditation. Peer-to-peer activities have included regional field trips, painting and decorating campus benches, and scavenger hunts. It is an extension of the college orientation experience and includes several orientation programs and activities organized by the Office of Student Life.

The First-Year Experience continues through the year with expert topic-driven experiences (BFYE 101) in the fall semester and the professional learning community experiences (BFYE 102) in the spring semester.

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