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New Student Housing Agreement

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As a residential college, Bethany houses students on campus all four years they attend. It is important for first-year students to familiarize themselves with housing options, room assignments, and the selection process.

How Assignments Are Made

Once students pay the deposit to confirm their attendance at Bethany, they are eligible to complete the housing application form. Building and room assignments are made in accordance with the order in which the deposits are received. Therefore, students should try to pay the deposit as soon as possible to receive their residence hall of choice. Housing assignments for incoming students are completed by late May.

How to Request a Specific Roommate

Our housing application gives students the option to request a roommate. All information fields must be completed in order for the request to go through, and the request must be mutual among both parties. If both parties do not write each other’s names on the housing application, the request may not be honored. Potential roommates must pay the deposit and fill out a valid housing application to be considered. Housing assignments are made by the latest deposit date of the roommates that request to live together. First year students will also be housed with other first year students with the only exception being rooming with a blood relative.

Notification of Assignments

Students will receive their housing and/or roommate selection, as well as a list of recommended items to bring, in early June. We encourage students to get in touch with their new roommate prior to the start of the semester.

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