BETHANY, W.Va. — Robert “Bob” G. Goin, a distinguished alumnus of Bethany College, is a name that resonates within collegiate athletics. Inducted into the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics Hall of Fame in 2013 and earning numerous other honors, Goin’s contributions and accomplishments have left an incredible mark on the sports landscape.

After graduating from Bethany College in 1959, where he had excelled as a standout athlete in both football and basketball, Goin’s passion for his alma mater led him back to the campus in 1960. For the next 16 years, he dedicated himself to serving in various roles within the athletics department.

Goin’s journey at Bethany began as an assistant coach and swiftly progressed as he assumed the position of head baseball coach from 1962 to 1969. It was during this time that he steered the baseball team to their first Presidents’ Athletic Conference (PAC) championship in 1965, establishing himself as a talented leader.

However, it was in the realm of football that Goin truly left a legacy. In 1963, he took on the role of head football coach, leading the Bethany football team to new heights of success. Under his guidance, the team won back-to-back PAC football championships in 1965 and 1966. The pinnacle of their achievements came in 1966 when they accomplished the extraordinary feat of an undefeated season. 

In recognition of his outstanding contributions, Goin assumed the title of athletic director from 1970 to 1976, overseeing the growth and development of the athletic department. The profound impact he had made during his time at Bethany was acknowledged when he was inducted into the Bethany Athletics Hall of Fame in 1979. 

After Goin left Bethany College, his vibrant career in collegiate athletics continued to flourish. He went on to serve as the athletic director at esteemed institutions such as California University of Pennsylvania, Florida State University, and the University of Cincinnati. His achievements at the University of Cincinnati were particularly noteworthy, leading to his induction into the Cincinnati Hall of Fame and being honored with the title of athletic director emeritus in 2005. 

Despite his professional commitments, Goin maintained a deep connection with his beloved alma mater throughout his life. He served on the Bethany College Board of Trustees from 2004 to 2008, lending his expertise and passion to contribute to the College’s growth and success. Goin’s commitment to Bethany College remained unwavering, and he continued to be actively involved with the institution until his passing in 2019.  

Robert “Bob” G. Goin’s legacy as an athlete, coach, athletic director, and dedicated alumnus illustrated his unwavering passion and commitment to excellence. His achievements on and off the field have left an incredible impact on the world of collegiate athletics, and his name will forever be associated with Bethany College’s sports tradition.