Alumni Association

Alumni Association

Our Mission

The Bethany College Alumni Association (Bison Nation), which is governed by a Board of Directors, commonly known as the Alumni Council, serves as ambassadors to engage the Bethany College community by fostering lifelong relationships between the College and its alumni, and between alumni. The Council leads programs that sustain Bethany’s mission while supporting the College’s key goals.

Association Members

The Bison Nation is made up of alumni who are changing the world, one action at a time, driven by bold vision and ideals. Bethany College alumni leave Bethany striving to make a difference, as champions for the college, for each other, embracing the boundless opportunities that are before us.

Our Values

  • Everyone is welcome.
  • We strive to foster lifelong relationships.
  • We are committed to supporting the advancement of Bethany College.
  • We want to share Bethany’s rich history and legacy.
  • Our committed is to making a difference at Bethany College.
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Stay Connected

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