BETHANY, W.Va. – With gas prices nationwide reaching record highs, Bethany College is acknowledging the impact on its employees and adopting measures to ease the burden.

Beginning March 14, full-time non-faculty employees may opt to work remotely one day each week for the remainder of the spring semester. Employees who opt to work remotely must receive prior approval from their supervisor and complete their daily responsibilities.

Full-time nonfaculty employees whose work requires their presence on campus will receive two $25 gift cards and an additional flex day to use at their convenience during these two months. All full-time faculty, regardless of the number of days spent on campus, will receive one $25 gift card.

“Bethany’s strength comes from its people,” Interim President Jamie Caridi said in announcing the policy. “Our employees’ commitment to everything we do, from teaching and mentoring to administering programs that promote academic success, provides the fundamental support that keeps Bethany strong.”

By allowing employees to work remotely, even one day each week, reinforces Bethany’s commitment to sustainability, which is among the college’s core values, Caridi said.

Caridi announced the policy after consulting with the Bethany College Cabinet and Staff Council leadership.

The college’s human resources office will distribute the gift cards.

Bethany will reassess the policy in late May.


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