BETHANY, W.Va. — Bethany College and Saint George’s University (SGU) in Grenada, West Indies, are pleased to announce a transformative partnership that will provide aspiring students with a pathway to pursue careers in both medicine and veterinary medicine. Through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by both institutions, qualified students will have the unique opportunity to obtain a BS/MD or BS/DVM degree, seamlessly progressing from Bethany College to Saint George’s University. 

“Today marks a momentous occasion as Bethany College announces this highly attractive partnership with St. George’s University,” says Bethany President Dr. Jamie Caridi.   “Because of our agreement, Bethany students who aspire to become a veterinarian or physician will have a guaranteed pathway to Veterinary School and a guaranteed, accelerated pathway to Medical School at St. George’s University.  Together we will equip and empower the next generation of compassionate healers and innovative leaders in healthcare and veterinary medicine.” 

The partnership has established two 4+4 programs, in which Bethany College students who complete four years of pre-medical or pre-veterinary coursework and meet all requirements for admission are fast-tracked into four-year programs at the St. George’s School of Medicine or School of Veterinary Medicine. The partnership is also unveiling a 3+4 pathway with provisional acceptance to the School of Medicine. Candidates for the programs must maintain a strong undergraduate GPA and score competitively on relevant entrance exams. 

  1. 4+4 Program: Under this program, students will begin their studies at Bethany College. After successfully completing the four-year pre-medical or pre-veterinary medicine curriculum at Bethany and meeting the requirements for admission into SGU’s School of Medicine or School of Veterinary Medicine, qualified students will proceed to SGU. Medical students will have the option to complete the first two years of their studies in Grenada or spend the first year at Northumbria University in the United Kingdom and the subsequent two years in Grenada, followed by two years of clinical rotations at SGU’s affiliated hospitals in the United States and/or the United Kingdom. Veterinary students will complete three years of study in Grenada and the final clinical year at SGU’s affiliated schools located in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, or the Netherlands. 
  1. 3+4 Program: This program caters to students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in biology or chemistry (pre-med programs) at Bethany College. After three years at Bethany, students meeting all prerequisite coursework will have the option of spending their senior year at SGU, completing the first Basic Sciences year of the MD Program. Upon successful completion of this year, along with meeting all SGU prerequisites and maintaining good standing, the student will receive their bachelor’s degree from Bethany College. They will then continue their medical studies in Grenada, followed by two years of clinical rotations at hospitals affiliated with SGU in the United States and/or the United Kingdom. 

Bethany College and SGU have collaborated to streamline the admissions process for students. Applicants can apply before or after matriculation at Bethany College. Applicants will receive fast track status and prioritized review, interviews, processing, and decisions. Additionally, SGU will provide a dedicated point of contact to support Bethany and its students throughout the application process. Application fees for SGU will be waived for applicants.  

“The partnership between Bethany College and St. George’s University is a particularly special one since St. George’s University was founded by Bethany College alumnus Dr. Charles Modica, ’70,” says President Caridi.  “We are extremely proud to count Charlie among our most distinguished alumni, and I am immensely grateful for his support of this endeavor.  I am also grateful to Don Werner, ‘69 whose passion and persistence helped forge this significant collaboration.  Finally, I want to thank SGU Vice Chancellor Dr. Richard Liebowitz for his leadership and commitment to this important initiative.”   

“As a founder and Chancellor of St. George’s University and as a Bethany College graduate, it is a unique pleasure and privilege to announce this partnership between the two institutions that will create more opportunities for Bethany College students to become leaders in the medical and veterinary fields,” says SGU Chancellor Dr. Charles Modica. “It is an honor to now count my alma mater among St. George’s University’s growing global network of partner institutions, and we look forward to the talent, dedication and service Bethany graduates will bring to SGU and to the medical and veterinary professions.” 

Bethany College and SGU also intend to develop a study abroad opportunity to further enhance this incredible opportunity for Bethany students. This program would offer students a chance to earn credits in Grenada to count towards their Bethany degree. More details on this will be released in the coming months.  

The partnership of Bethany College and St. George’s University represents a significant stride in providing aspiring medical and veterinary professionals with an unparalleled educational experience. By combining the strengths and resources of both institutions, this partnership aims to shape the future of healthcare and veterinary medicine.