BETHANY, W.Va. – Bethany College proudly recognizes the outstanding achievements and dedication of three exceptional students through the Equestrian Dedicated Service Award. Typically, only awarded to one student, this year a choice of just one was impossible. Established in April of 2021 by Dr. Shirley Kemp, director of advancement services, this award celebrates the remarkable contributions made by students in the care of horses and the upkeep of stables. 

The Equestrian Dedicated Service Award aims to acknowledge the outstanding efforts of Bethany College students involved in equine-related endeavors, emphasizing their commitment to the welfare of horses and their commendable work within the Equestrian Club Team. Furthermore, this recognition seeks to foster a sense of appreciation for the accolades that Bethany College has achieved through these exceptional students’ participation in various competitions.  

I have seen personally the great work the students do in taking care of the horses and the stables,” says Kemp. “I believe Equine can be an important tool for our enrollment office. I am happy to be able to show appreciation for all they are doing and for the accolades they are bringing to Bethany College.” 

This year, Bethany College is pleased to announce the following three distinguished recipients of the Equestrian Dedicated Service Award: 

Theresamarie Banks ’24, hailing from Solon, Ohio, is majoring in interdisciplinary biology and equine physiotherapy.  

Marci Mazza-Fredley ’24, from Pittsburgh, Pa., is pursuing a major in political science.  

Emma Richmond ’25, a Proctor, W.Va. native, is a dual major in psychology and social work.