BETHANY, W.Va.- Bethany College is bidding farewell to a beloved educator, Dr. Elizabeth Hull, with a stirring last lecture that celebrates the profound impact of love poetry on culture, relationships, and the human experience. 

Hull, a distinguished professor known for her passionate engagement with literature and unapologetic embrace of love poetry, delivered a captivating address that left a lasting impression on the Bethany College community. With a unique blend of wit, scholarship, and personal reflection, Hull explored the rich history of poetry spanning centuries and continents. 

In her lecture, Hull fearlessly tackled taboo subjects, issuing a content warning for adult themes and language. “Consider this your content warning for verklempt, but also for adult situations and language,” she said, setting the stage for an intellectually stimulating and emotionally charged lecture. 

“My last lecture is an evangelical call to you all to acknowledge the central importance of love poetry in our culture, in our lives, and in the liberal arts,” she said. 

Hull expressed gratitude to her mentors, colleagues, and students who have enriched her academic journey and contributed to her growth as a scholar and a person. She left her audience with a poignant message of love, gratitude, and hope. “And thus end the lesson,” she concluded, urging everyone to “go in peace and work out your salvation with diligence.” 

Bethany College extends its deepest appreciation to Hull for her years of dedication and service to the College community. Her passion, commitment, and spirit will be missed but fondly remembered. Watch a recording of her Last Lecture here