BETHANY, W.Va.  – Bethany College is pleased to announce the final lecture of Dr. Elizabeth Hull, professor and Dr. Robert L. Martin chair of English literature. Hull’s Last Lecture, titled “Love’s Bitch,” will take place at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, April 9, in Phillips Lounge. The event is open to all and will be livestreamed on Facebook Live for all who cannot attend in person.  

Throughout her 25-year tenure at Bethany College, Hull has been a cornerstone of academic excellence, impacting the lives of countless students, faculty, and staff members. As we gather to celebrate her contributions, this lecture offers an opportunity to reflect on Hull’s profound influence on our institution.

“In my 25 years at Bethany, I’ve taken pleasure in teaching everything from Gilgamesh (2000 BCE) to Yu Xiuhua (2022 CE),” says Hull. “But every Valentine’s Day I bring people together to read love lyrics for a reason: to borrow Raymond Carver’s phrase, nothing matters more than the constant variations in ‘what we talk about when we talk about love.’ And if you ask me how I’m feeling, don’t tell me you’re too blind to see: never going to give them up!” 

Hull’s Last Lecture, “Love’s Bitch,” is inspired by a poignant quote from the popular television series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” It will delve into the influence of love poetry on our cultural understanding of romance and desire. Drawing from her extensive research and teaching experience, Hull will explore questions surrounding the nature of love, its manifestations in different cultures, and its impact on personal relationships.