BETHANY, W.Va. — Bethany College proudly announces a strategic partnership with Smart Adventures, a reputable educational consultancy firm based out of Surrey, U.K. This collaboration aims to enhance international student recruitment efforts and establish pathway programs in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh, facilitating seamless transitions for prospective students from South Asia.

In an effort to further diversify the student body and foster global educational opportunities, Bethany College has joined forces with Smart Adventures. Smart Adventures will play a pivotal role in identifying prospective students, offering guidance on admission procedures, and providing valuable assistance in preparing students for the transition to Bethany College. Additionally, the partnership will involve the development of pathway programs in collaboration with local institutions, creating a structured academic bridge for South Asian students to smoothly integrate into Bethany College’s esteemed academic community.

“This strategic partnership with Smart Adventures aligns with our vision of promoting diversity and inclusivity at Bethany College,” says Bethany President Dr. Jamie Caridi. “We are excited to welcome talented students from South Asia and offer them a world-class education in our vibrant academic environment.”

The partnership will enhance the visibility of Bethany College in South Asia and foster a strong educational network between the institutions involved. Bethany College and Smart Adventures aim to empower aspiring students and promote a rich, multicultural learning experience by facilitating smoother transitions and providing guidance through dedicated pathway programs.

“Smart Adventures is delighted to collaborate with Bethany College in this endeavor,” says President at Smart Adventures Pawan Srivastava. “Our mutual commitment to educational excellence and the well-being of students will undoubtedly make this partnership a success, paving the way for aspiring scholars to achieve their academic dreams in the United States.”

This partnership represents a significant step forward for Bethany College and Smart Adventures, reinforcing their dedication to academic collaboration and providing a platform for promising students to flourish on the global stage.