Bethany, W.Va. – Nathan Rouse ‘24, a Bethany College senior hailing from Hyattsville, Md., also known as Mr.unchainedunlimited in the world of comics, is making waves in the world of comics with the release of his inaugural comic book, “The Legacy of Jupiterman.” Rouse, also a Bison football team captain, is now crowdfunding for the second issue while seeking support from the local community to expand his project’s reach.

“If it were not for Bethany College, filled with its cultivation of creativity and peace, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to create ‘The Legacy of Jupiterman,’” says Rouse. 

Rouse’s journey as a comic book creator has been fueled by his passion for storytelling and art. Overcoming obstacles with determination, he has brought forth his vision with unwavering fervor. Now, with “The Legacy of Jupiterman,” Rouse aims to broaden his project’s horizons and engage a wider audience with the forthcoming issue

In his debut comic book, Rouse introduces readers to Wohali, also known as Jupiterman, an outsider of the Cherokee tribe who inherits the powers of Jupiter. Through a series of encounters and conflicts spanning centuries, Jupiterman emerges as a protector of Earth against impending threats. 

Commenting on Rouse’s work, Vince White, CEO of The Powerverse comic company, says “Nathan Rouse is a great young mind with amazing characters. I can’t wait to see where he goes next.” 

Currently, you can purchase a digital file of “The Legacy of Jupiterman” for $5. There is also crowdfunding for his second issue available here. For further information about Rouse and his comic book project, please contact 202.558.8260 or