BETHANY, W.Va. – Bethany College’s Faculty Friday series was launched in an effort to connect current and prospective students, staff, and alumni with our distinguished faculty members, who are actively involved in the betterment of our students and institution, both inside and outside of the classroom.

We would like to introduce our third spotlight- Department Chair and Professor of communications and media arts, Patrick Sutherland! Sutherland encourages current and future Bethanians to reach out, saying “you will almost always receive a timely and hopefully a helpful response.” To get to know Sutherland better, read his Q&A below

Q: What additional positions or involvement do you have at Bethany or outside of Bethany?

A: Town Councilman, Trustee of Bethany Memorial Church

Q: What is your education background?

A: B.A. Marquette University, M.A. University of Florida, Ph.D. Ohio University

Q: Why should prospective students pursue a degree in communications and media arts?

A: With constant technology changes, such as with Artificial Intelligence, studying in the broad field of communications helps students to adapt to, and plan for, changing careers. At Bethany, this ranges from digital media and production, to sports communications, integrated media and marketing and journalism-based courses and/or tracks of study.

Q: Everyone has a reason for doing what they love. Many times, this is referred to as your “why”- some people say their “why” was a calling from childhood, while others say their “why” is for fulfilling a greater life purpose. What is your “why” for being a part of Bethany College’s faculty?

A: Teachers that I know are life-long learners who want to help others, in the classroom or via sharing of research. Attending and teaching at Bethany College can be life-changing in positive ways. Bonds between students and with faculty and staff are very strong and can last a lifetime. Most Bethany graduates that I know are focused problem solvers in the workplace and in their personal lives.