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Albert R. Buckelew, Jr.

Emeritus Professor

Dr. Buckelew spent 42 years as professor of biology at Bethany College, retiring in June 2011. He published numerous papers on bacterial toxins, lipids, human pulmonary surfactant, and birds.

Dr. Buckelew codirected the first West Virginia breeding bird atlas project and was the author, with WVU’s George A. Hall, of The West Virginia Breeding Bird Atlas in 1992. He is immediate past-president of the Brooks Bird Club.

Dr. Buckelew edited the Brooks Bird Club‚journal, The Redstart, for 39 years. Presently he is writing the foreword and five species accounts for the Second West Virginia Breeding Bird Atlas to be published in 2020.

His father gave him his dental school microscope when he was about 11 years old, and he used it to explore the microscopic world around him. He became especially interested in birds during a canoe trip down the Allagash River in Maine in 1968.

Post-doctoral studies, University of New Hampshire
Ph.D., University of New Hampshire
B.S., Fairleigh Dickinson University

Areas of Passion & Research
Microbiology, Field Botany, and Ornithology

Personal Interests
Family, photography, reading, bird watching, and travel to National Parks.

Volunteer Work
Friends of the Schrader Environmental Education Center in Wheeling
The Brooks Bird Club
Member of the Bethany Sanitation Board

Selected Publications


  • Buckelew, A. R., Jr. (editor). 1990. Endangered and Threatened Species in West Virginia.
    Special Publication No. 2 of the Brooks Bird Club.
  • Buckelew, A. R., Jr. and G. A. Hall. 1994. The West Virginia Breeding Bird Atlas.
    University of Pittsburgh Press.


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Author of many other short articles published in The Redstart and other journals and papers offered at the West Virginia Academy of Science, Federated Biology Societies, the American Society for Microbiology, and other scientific meetings.