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John H. Hull

Professor Emeritus

Kirkpatrick Hall, 203B

After completing my Ph.D. in experimental psychology, I began my career as a member of the Department of Psychology here at Bethany College. Forty-three years later, I’m still here.

Over the decades, I’ve coauthored presentations and publications with over 100 students, taught over two dozen different courses, and helped establish Noon Hoops, recreational basketball played by students, faculty, and staff. Occasionally, I provide statistically oriented expert witness testimony in discrimination cases, and volunteer work as an EMT and firefighter. I’ve also done supply preaching, including a total of over 500 sermons with a dozen different congregations. I find great meaning in working with Bethany students.

After trying majors in forestry, chemistry, and English in my first two years of college, I finally found psychology. From the beginning, I was interested in research and statistics, and started doing research as an undergraduate something I try to do with as many students as I can here at Bethany.

Ph.D., M.A. Kent State University (1971-1975)
B.S., Alma College (1969-1971)
Michigan Technological University (1967-1969)

Areas of Passion & Research
Social justice topics have dominated my research in recent years, and occupy important space in my courses. Recent topics include trigger words, privilege, methods of teaching, gender and gender stereotypes, body image, sexual assault, and toy and book preferences.

Personal Interests
Many of my interests are outdoors: walking, playing sports (basketball in particular), running, hiking, rappelling. I enjoy occasional harvesting of edible wild plants, and studying interesting aspects of local flora and fauna. Outdoors and indoors, I watch Bethany sports teams compete throughout the school year. Indoors, I read‚ a lot, and enjoy playing bridge. Most TV I watch is sports. I spend lots of time with my family, too.

Favorite Quote, Book, or Movie … Why?
Two quotes are attached to the file cabinet facing my office desk. I read them every day I work. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,” from Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and, “Don’t look back. Something might be gaining on you.” — Baseball Hall-of-Famer Satchel Paige.

Fun facts
I’m left-handed, work to stay physically fit and active, and generally speak my mind. I like numbers; I like teaching and doing research. My spouse of 47 years, two grown children, and four growing grandchildren are my pride and joy. My bark is far, far worse than my bite.

Volunteer Work
Over the years, I have participated several times in local Habitat for Humanity builds, and twice (Mongolia, Hungary) worked on Habitat for Humanity/Global Village builds. I’v done flood relief work several times in different parts of West Virginia, and have served as a volunteer firefighter/EMR/EMT for close to 20 years. Most of my work as an expert witness is low-cost or pro bono.

Recent Publications
In the past seven years, I have authored or coauthored 24 professional presentations, most at the annual meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association, 19 of which had one or more student coauthors. In that same time I have coauthored four publications, two with student coauthors. All presentations and publications were refereed.

Alumni Connections
Many, many alumni connections, including dozens of Facebook friends.