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Katherine Shelek-Furbee

Professor Emerita

Morlan Hall

I have served on the faculty at Bethany College since summer 1984. Prior to coming to Bethany I was employed by Family Services of the Upper Ohio Valley [1975 to 1984], where I served in a variety of administrative positions, including Associate Director. I am a licensed social worker (LCSW) and a member of the National Association of Social Workers (ACSW). I also have advanced training and experience in grant writing, gerontology, addiction prevention, and anger management for women.

I can date my interest in Social Work back to my maternal grandmother and my mother. The focus in our family was to reach out to and serve others as needed. I grew up watching these women take care of neighbors who were ill, feed those who were hungry, and donate their time or goods to others in need.

LCSW (Licensed Certified Social Worker) (1989)
ACSW (Academy of Certified Social Workers) National Association of Social Workers (1983)
MSW, West Virginia University (1980)
B.A., Alderson-Broaddus College (1975)

Areas of Passion & Research
Gerontology (The Study of Aging), Anger Management for Women, Addiction Prevention, Grant Writing

Personal Interests
Reading, Hiking, Music (70s, 80s), Dog and Cat Rescue (I have two dogs and two cats), Photography

Favorite Quote, Book, or Movie … Why?
My favorite quote is “kindness matters.” Every day there is a story on the news feed about how poorly people treat each other, hatred, and violence. The best way to confront this is to be kind to others. Kindness not only matters, it makes a difference, in our lives and the lives of others.

Fun facts
I have four pets, three of which were rescued from shelters.
I collect flamingo items (most of which were gifts).
I prefer to give gifts that I have made (photos and/or craft items).
I knew I wanted to teach as a very young person and consider myself to be honored to have such a fulfilling career.

Volunteer Work
I serve on the Board of Family Connections in Brooke County
I served two terms as a Board member of St. John’s Home in Wheeling
I help to plan and participate in service projects sponsored by the Kalon Scholar Service Leaders

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