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Pandel L. Collaros

Associate Professor of Music

Steinman Hall, 211

As well as directing Rock Ensemble, Pandel Collaros teaches Music, Communications, and First-Year courses. Mr. Collaros has published in “Music in American Life, Indiana Theory Review,” “Beatlestudies 3,” and “Eunomios”; presented in the United States, Canada, and Finland; and produced recordings by Nashville artist Amanda McCoy among others.

Mr. Collaros started playing guitar after watching the Beatles on “The Ed Sullivan Show.” As a first-year college student, he studied classical music and fell in love with music theory. He continues to perform, compose, and produce in rock, country, blues, and other popular contexts as well as teach in the western art music tradition.

B.A. and M.A. from The Ohio State University.

Areas of Passion & Research
Production of contemporary music in the genres of rock, country, blues, progressive rock, acoustic rock, Americana, and fusion.

Personal Interests
Personal interests are in all things music-related, classic movies, and works by interesting contemporary directors like David Lynch.

Favorite Quote, Book, or Movie … Why?
“The Deer Hunter” and “North by Northwest.” The Deer Hunter presented a view of a time that included the geographical area and the likes of people with whom he grew up. It was done in a very compelling way with some of the best actors of that generation. “North by Northwest” is his favorite film of his favorite director, Alfred Hitchcock. The music by Bernard Herrmann is one of his favorites of all film music.

Fun Facts
He grew up in the area but has also lived in places as far apart geographically and psychically as New York City and Lawrence, Kansas. He also travels frequently to Nashville, and has met several outstanding musicians there, and has been in some of the top recording studios in the city. He appears on the cover and back of Jenny Tolman’s album “There Goes the Neighborhood,” which debuted at #25 on the Billboard Country Charts in 2019.

Volunteer Work
His volunteer work includes community, philanthropic, and fund-raising activities at his local church.

Recent Publications
Recent publications include biographical entries for Bonnie Raitt and Robert Johnson in “Music in American Life: An Encyclopedia of the Songs, Styles, Stars, and Stories That Shaped Our Culture”; and original poetry in multiple volumes of the Bethany College Harbinger.

Alumni Connections
Amanda McCoy, Jeff Weisberger, Nancy Chambers Reed, Dr. Niko Mastros, Kari Jo Tiede, Jeff Miller, Daniel Miller.