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Patrick Sutherland

Professor and Chair

Bethany House, 102

Before joining Bethany College in 1989, Pat Sutherland worked in commercial radio and television, in the U.S. Army, at the Department of Defense’s (American Forces Radio and Television Network in Europe). He’s worked at eight radio stations and two TV operations.

He found his passion for radio and television as a teenager growing up in Western Wisconsin. Not knowing professional protocol, he would call-up local radio stations and suggest ways to improve their formats. Fortunately, he was treated with kindness by the people he spoke with.

Ph.D., Ohio University (2001)
M.A., University of Florida (1989)
B.A., Marquette University (1982)

Areas of Passion & Research
Pat’s research in communications and journalism is varied. He has had a total of over 12 conference papers, journal articles, and book chapters published on topics ranging from technical innovations in teaching college courses, to news and entertainment content, and sports communications.

Personal Interests
Pat’s family has a history of performing public service. He served two terms as Bethany Mayor, from 2015-2019. He enjoys traveling, a little gardening, reading, watching movies and sports, also listening to music, and taking walks. For 25 years at¬†Bethany College, he was a regular in “Noon Hoops” pick-up basketball games.

Favorite Quote, Book, or Movie . . . Why?
Pat’s favorite movie is the one starred in and directed by Orson Welles, “Citizen Kane.” The fictional account of the life of a media mogul, demonstrates the importance of a free, vigorous, and fair news media in a democracy. Subtexts of the film include cautions about the effects of greed and the pursuit of power.

Fun Facts
Pat loves attending theatre productions and concerts but would never want to act in a play or sing. He’s visited all 50 states and some 15 other countries. Despite regular fishing and hunting outings as a child, he is a lousy fisherman and an impatient hunter, but he’s OK at sitting around a campfire.

Volunteer Work
12+ years on Bethany Town Council (he is currently serving until mid 2021).
Former Bethany Planning Commission President.
Former active Elder in Bethany Memorial Church.
Former member of the Bethany Zoning Appeals Board.

Recent Publications
2017, Co-author of a book chapter titled “Campus Media Advisors: Thoughts for the Future and Resources,” in Campus Media: Learning in Action.
2016, a book chapter titled “Are Sports Programs at Small Church Affiliated Programs Really Different?” in Sport and Religion in the Twenty-First Century.
2013, a book chapter titled “ESPN Transforms Sports Culture,” in American History through American Sports: From Colonial Lacrosse to Extreme Sports.

Alumni Connections
Pat has served as a Bethany College department chair three different times and has met and keeps in contact with hundreds of successful Bethany Alumni. Each one of them makes him proud in some way.