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Wilfrid W. Csaplar, Jr.

Professor Emeritus of Economics

Richardson Hall, 22

Dr. Csaplar came to Bethany in 2002. He has taught a wide variety of courses, including 18 different courses at Bethany. Most of his teaching is related to Macroeconomics, but his research is predominately in Economic Development and International Trade.

His publication, The Optimal Incentive Income Distribution‚ is being revised to be submitted for publication.

I loved traveling abroad and I loved Mathematics. International Economics combined the two loves.

B.A., Swarthmore College (1979-1983)
Ph.D., Duke University (1983-1989)

Areas of Passion & Research
International Economics, Economic Development, Income inequality

Personal Interests
Wide variety of unusual blends of music.

Favorite Quote, Book, or Movie … Why?
An economist is an expert who will know tomorrow why the things he predicted yesterday didn’t happen today. — Laurence J. Peter

Fun facts
Lived in Egypt for two years.

Volunteer Work
Was a volunteer fire fighter for more than a decade.