Support the student experience at Bethany College by making a gift to the renovation of the space below the cafeteria, formerly known as Boomer’s, the Barn, and the Behive! The space will have a new look, with a similar purpose as before–to provide an entertainment space for students to gather, socialize, eat, and relax.

The project will include new lighting, flooring, paint, bathrooms, furniture, televisions, and kitchen necessities. Additionally, the space will house a small movie theatre, a video gaming room, and game tables.

Food and drinks will be served from the kitchen. Options will include grab-and-go items, fast made-to-order options, and one hot meal from the kitchen per night. While Boomers will be open at all hours for gathering, the kitchen will specifically provide food and drinks at later hours of the night.

A student-designated space designed to make memories that will last a lifetime will have a significant impact on the Bethany College experience, add value to our student life atmosphere, and assist with our retention rate.

Make your gift online, or text code BCGT21 to 71777. Checks can be mailed to Center for Institutional Advancement, Bethany College, 31 East Campus Drive, Bethany, WV 26032.

Thank you for your support!