Welcome to the Northeast Ohio Valley

So you’re wondering where to go to college and you’re into winter sports? You’ll want to check out some great places to go skiing near Pittsburgh … but don’t stop there!

When it comes to adventures for college students on campus and off in western Pennsylvania and the West Virginia panhandle, there’s a lot more than awesome skiing to discover.

This area is part of the Ohio River Valley region. The West Virginia panhandle and parts east into Pennsylvania include the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains, which are part of the glorious Appalachian mountain range.

It’s a region known throughout the country (and even much of the world) for its natural beauty. That’s why it’s such a big draw for college students!

Who wouldn’t want to spend four years in a gorgeous place like this?

Skiing Near Pittsburgh (and Much More!)

All this beauty is why outdoor activities like skiing near Pittsburgh are so popular. It’s the perfect place to go out and do everything from winter sports to summertime exploring and everything in between.

Here are just a few ideas to inspire you as you consider where you want to spend your college years.


Oglebay Resort in Wheeling, WV, is one of the best places to go skiing and snowboarding near Pittsburgh. It offers a fast lift, a relaxed atmosphere, and a lodge conveniently located near the slopes.

You’ll find plenty of other good options in the area to explore, too.


Looking for the perfect Ohio Valley fairway? The Spiedel Golf Club (also at Oglebay Resort) features championship courses with nationally-recognized layouts. And of course, amazing views!

If you want to explore other golf courses closer to Pittsburgh, you’ll find more than enough to keep you busy.


There are many places to go to explore the natural wonders of the area. Start with the trails, the waterfall, and the ancient trees of the Bethany College Parkinson Forest, part of the national Old-Growth Forest Network.

But don’t stop there. Great hiking adventures await just about everywhere you look.


The Wheeling Heritage Trail is an area favorite for cycling. Once a railroad, the paved track runs along the Ohio River and throughout the city of Wheeling, WV. The trail is as rich in natural beauty as it is in history.

Closer to the big city, you’ll find more bike trails than you can count. (But these 11 are a good start.)


Rivers are the heart and soul of the region, and kayaking/canoeing is a great way to explore them! The Wheeling Creek Water Trail is a popular destination for its many scenic miles and amenities along the way.

If you’re a river lover, there’s no shortage of beautiful waterways in and around Pittsburgh!


The Northeast Ohio Valley is nothing short of a little slice of heaven for equestrians. Countless horseback riding programs (like here at Bethany College!) and area stables make horse lovers feel right at home.

Explore top-rated equestrian experiences from Oglebay Resort in Wheeling to stables in the heart of Pittsburgh.

Enjoy Great Skiing Near Pittsburgh and MUCH More As a Bethany College Student!

At Bethany College, located on Pittsburgh’s western doorstep, our students love their plentiful options for outdoor activities like skiing, golfing, hiking, and more.

But as you’re looking at options for where to go to college, you might be drawn to any number of other Pittsburgh-area attractions:

Yes, there’s a LOT to explore off campus. There’s also so much going on right here on our beautiful, vibrant campus!

You’ll love to go out and explore. But with all the clubs, sporting events, community service activities, activities led by students like you, and other ways to get involved on campus, you won’t want to stay away for long!

Learn more about student life opportunities and academic options that match your personal and career goals here at Bethany. A distinctive education is waiting for you. Explore Bethany College today!