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BETHANY, W.Va. – Sustainable agriculture and passion for plant science is the root of Julianne Latynski’s research.

Julianne LatynskiThe junior environmental science major from Avella, Pa., will display “The Symbiotic Relationship Between Nitrogen-Fixing Bacteria and Leguminous Plants: A Solution for Sustainable Agriculture” during Poster Session II, beginning at 10:15 a.m. in the Academic Parlour of Old Main.

The project focuses on the importance of the mutualistic relationship of nitrogen-fixing bacteria and leguminous plants. Latynski addresses the flaws of monoculture methods while also describing how nitrogen-fixing bacteria could benefit agricultural systems and reduce pollution.

During a summer job at Meadowcroft, Latynski taught guests about the “three sisters” – beans, corn and squash – gardening techniques. The method uses legumes’ relationship with nitrogen-fixing bacteria.

“As an environmental science major, I understand how important yet damaging chemical fertilizers are and decided to incorporate this aspect into the project as well,” Latynski said.

Some of her key points:

  • Although nitrogen gas comprises about 78 percent of the Earth’s atmosphere, it is a limiting nutrient in most systems.
  • Nitrogen-fixing bacteria produce most usable forms of nitrogen.
  • Rhizobia and leguminous plants co-evolved millions of years ago, developing a well-established mutualistic relationship.
  • The legume host and rhizobia symbionts communicate via a chemical lexicon in the soil to establish a root nodule where nitrogen-fixation occurs under anoxic conditions.

Dr. Karen Kormuth, assistant professor of biology, advised the project.

“Although the research and writing process was incredibly stressful, it was rewarding and I am surprised by how much I enjoyed learning about it,” Latynski said.


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