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Fall 2024 Housing Request Form

Fall housing selection will occur on April 24 in the Back Dining Hall. The point system below will be used to decide the order in which each group selects their room.

Steps for Housing Selection:

  1. Only one person from the group must fill out the form titled “ROOMMATE REGISTRATION FORM.” The Group Leader must fill out this form. You must sign up as a group of four individuals. If you do not sign up as four, you will have other roommates placed with you in your room or suite.
  2. ALL members of the group must fill out the form located below titled, “RETURNING STUDENT HOUSING AGREEMENT FORM.”
  3. The group will receive an email from Erica Claybrook with the time for the Group Leader to arrive in the Back Dining Hall on April 24 for room selection. Selection will be based on the below point system.

Please contact with any questions. Please read this page in its entirety.

Returning Student Housing Selection Process 2024-2025

The room selection process allows currently enrolled students the opportunity to choose their rooms and roommates for the following academic year. Only one person from your group is required to attend the selection night, but each group member MUST have the Returning Student Agreement Form (see below) completed. Room selection will be done via in-person selection in the Back Dining Hall.



Returning Student Housing Agreement

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Residential Requirement:

    Bethany College is a residential college and, as such, all students are required to live in College owned housing or for members of Beta Theta Pi, in their privately owned fraternity houses. Residential students are expected to be on a board plan. Exceptions may be made if one or more of the following conditions apply:

    1. The student commutes from the address of parents or legal guardians
    2. The student is a ninth semester senior.
    3. The student is participating in student teaching (only during the applicable semester).
    4. The student is 23 years of age or older.
    5. The student is married or has dependent children.
    6. The student is registered on a part time basis (under 12 credit hours)
  • Period of Occupancy:

    Except for graduating Seniors, students may occupy their assigned College housing unit from the date designated as the official opening of the residence halls to 24 hours after their last final exam. Specific dates of orientation, registration, comprehensive exams and commencement will be announced each year on the academic calendar. Additionally, students must vacate their residence hall during periods of vacation (Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring breaks). An exception is made for graduating seniors, who are permitted to remain in residence until 8pm the day of Spring commencement.

  • Board Plan:

    Accepting placement in a College residential facility obligates the student to be on a board plan. Changes in the board plan must be made by contacting the Student Life Office prior to the end of the designated add/drop period. Students must have a valid Student ID to enter the dining facility.

  • Laundry Facilities:

    A $120 charge for the year shall be applied for laundry facility use in the residential facilities. These facilities are open only to residential students.

  • Room Assignment and Changes:

    Student Life retains the exclusive right to make housing assignments. The Housing Agreement is for residential space and does not guarantee a student a specific room or roommate. Assignment changes may be requested in writing by the student and are subject to approval by the Director of Residence Life or his or her designee. Housing agreements cannot be transferred nor can housing units be the subject of a lease or sublease by the resident. Students who assume residency in accommodations other than those assigned will be subject to fines and/or disciplinary action. Student Life reserves the right to use vacant housing space as required. The College reserves the right to consolidate roommates, to change a housing assignment, or to terminate this housing agreement at any time for disciplinary or other reasons.

  • Bethany College Agrees to:
    1. Provide the undersigned student a room within one of its residential facilities in accordance with this contract for the academic year 2024-2025. This agreement provides an assigned space; not an assignment to a specific residence hall, suite, and/or room.
    2. Not discriminate in housing on the basis of age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, national origin or disability.
    3. Provide custodial and maintenance services within all public and common areas of residential facilities.
    4. Maintain a healthy and safe living environment that is conducive to the goals and mission of the Residence Life Office and the College. The College reserves the right to enter rooms in cases where there is a suspicion that a health and safety concern or a policy violation is occurring.
  • I, the undersigned resident, agree:
    1. That it is my responsibility to read the College catalogue, Student Handbook, and communications from the Office of Residence Life to learn and understand the policies and regulations published therein.
    2. That I will not transfer, vacate, or exchange rooms with another student without the written permission of the Director of Residence Life or his or her designee. Nor will I remove any furnishings or equipment from my assigned room or from any other part of the building.
    3. That if the College has a belief that my room is being used for a purpose that is illegal or in violation of College policy, my room and personal belongings may be searched by the College.
    4. That I am responsible for any damages that occur in my room during the period of occupancy. Any damage to common areas of my residence hall will be assessed to the residents of the apartment, section, floor, or entire building as applicable if the person(s) responsible is not identified.
    5. That I will remain enrolled as a full-time student (minimum of 12 credit hours per semester) during the entire period of occupancy.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Roommate Selection Form

Roommate Registration

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


4pts – Rising Seniors (94 Credits)
3pts – Rising Juniors (60 Credits)
2pts – Rising Sophomores (25 Credits)
0pts – Not registered for Fall 19 semester


Look over the building information to determine your first, second, and third choice.

If you wish to live off campus:
Bethany is a residential college and, as such, all students are required to live in College-owned housing, or, for members of Beta Theta Pi, in their privately-owned fraternity house. Exceptions to the policy may be made only for students whose permanent residence is within commuting distance to the College, tenth semester seniors, student teachers, students over 25 years of age, students with serious medical concerns (validation must be made with the Assistant Dean of Student Life), international students who require year-round housing accommodations, and part-time students. Exceptions must be requested of and approved by the Office of Student Life.

Please visit Student Life to seek a “request to live off campus” form to request an exemption from the residence requirement. These requests are granted on a limited case by case basis. You should also meet with the financial aid office to determine if your aid package would change if you were approved to live off campus.
(Suggestion: go through room selection in case your request is denied.)

If you will be off campus for the Fall 2024 semester:
Please contact with your building preference and your return date.  While we cannot hold a room for you, we will try and match your preferences to the spaces that are available.