Catholic Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry is one of the important ways the Catholic Church exercises her mission in higher education. Its goals include promoting theological study and reflection; sustaining a Christian community on campus, with the pastoral care and liturgical worship it requires; integration of its apostolic ministry with other ministries of the local community on campus to serve its members and others. The Catholic campus ministers strive to build a community of faith: that is, a Catholic community that will bring together individuals from various families, backgrounds, and hometowns - assisting them to grow in "wisdom, age, and grace before God and men" (Lk 2:52). "Instilling the Gospel message of Christ in souls and cultures" and developing future leaders for the Church and Society are among the priorities of Campus Ministry.

At the college or university, this new faith community becomes "a privileged place for the liturgical celebration of the sacraments. It is above all, the place of the Eucharist, the heart of every Christian community, source and summit of every apostolate." It is with hope that, having helped students grow "in wisdom, age, and grace," campus ministers will enable their alumni to bring their vitality to both the Church and Society as they leave their campus community.