Everybody Needs Somebody with a Digital Marketing Degree

The road to a fulfilling career often starts with acquiring high-demand skills, finding opportunities to be creative in your work, and landing jobs that pay well. That’s why the digital marketing degree is a popular choice!

It’s tough to think of anything that’s not marketed (advertised or otherwise offered to the public) digitally today. That means a huge demand for all kinds of digital marketers that’s not going away anytime soon.

And with so many approaches to digital marketing, creative thinking is essential. There’s no shortage of opportunities to innovate or employers willing to pay top dollar to offer them—as much as $100K+.

Intrigued? If so, it’s time to do some dreaming. What would you do with your digital marketing degree?

In our fast-paced, internet-driven world, digital marketing is essential.

  • Over 20 percent of U.S. business today is e-commerce. The exchange of goods and services for money is happening online, and competing for the attention of buyers online is critical.
  • Also, even if they’re not taking payments online, nearly 100 percent of businesses today need an online presence to be visible in the internet-driven marketplace (spaces where buyers consider purchases).

This is why the demand for digital marketers is so high! When everyone is doing it, businesses need skilled people with creative ideas to cut through the noise and reach buyers.

What You Can Do with Your Digital Marketing Degree

Here are five (of many!) in-demand job roles that a digital marketing degree can prepare you for.


Median Annual Salary: $51,319

Your goal as a copywriter would be to craft language (called “copy”) used in digital advertising, social media, websites, etc., that effectively compels the reader to take action. That action could be anything:

  • Make a purchase
  • Sign up for a service
  • Attend an event
  • Donate to a cause
  • Download a resource

The courses you take to get your digital marketing degree will teach you several copywriting skills. These include understanding the needs and desires of your audience so your copy resonates with them.


Median Annual Salary: $67,516

Copy is just one part of digital content. A content marketer (or content manager) sees the big picture: how digital art, video, and graphic design are used together in digital marketing.

In this role, you would also be responsible for choosing what channels to use to present content to your audience. (Social media platforms, email lists, Google ads, and other ways to promote a business online.)

A strong digital marketing degree program will teach you how to put a content strategy together based on what makes sense for whatever employer or client you work for.


Median Annual Salary: $82,456

Did you know that marketing and advertising are not the same things? Many activities are involved in marketing. One of those activities is advertising: buying spaces to put your message in front of audiences.

As a digital advertising manager or specialist, you decide which (online) spaces to buy, when, and how much to spend. Your digital marketing degree would prepare you to work in:

  • Companies that do a lot of advertising
  • Agencies that handle the advertising for companies
  • Media firms that sell advertising opportunities (like Facebook and Google)


Median Annual Salary: $70,718

Remember that bit above about the copywriter’s skill of understanding the needs and desires of the audience? That information has to come from somewhere.

As a market research analyst, you’d be the one to find it.

You’d conduct surveys, opinion polls, and competitor research to create a much clearer picture of your target audience than your team can create from imagination alone. Your work drives the marketing strategy.


Median Annual Salary: $82,448

Websites are virtually every company’s digital home base. If you want to work on websites—whether you’re more interested in how they look or how they work—you might really enjoy web development.

  • As a front-end developer, your focus would be on designing the user experience (UX). This includes things like artwork, text, menus, and how the site is organized.
  • As a back-end developer, your responsibility would be creating and maintaining the structure of the website. This involves coding, testing, and managing access

You’ll probably choose slightly different courses in your digital marketing degree program depending on what type of web developer you want to be.

Get Your Digital Marketing Degree at Bethany College

As you can see, digital marketing is a wide-open field with many exciting, creative, and high-paying opportunities. Here at Bethany, we can’t wait to introduce you to these and many more!

In small classes where you can work closely with classmates and distinguished faculty, you’ll get all the support you need to excel as you earn your bachelor’s degree in digital marketing.

You’ll confidently compete for the job roles listed above as well as:

  • Data Analyst
  • Email Marketing Specialist
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Strategist
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategist
  • User Experience (UX) Designer
  • VR Developer
  • And many more!

Learn more about our digital marketing degree program now. We’re eager to help you pursue a career in this exciting field, so consider applying for admission to Bethany College today!