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The Bethany Plan

A Great Future, Bethany will take you there.

That’s what we do.

When it comes to pursuing higher education, finding the right institution that aligns with your aspirations and values is crucial. If you seek a distinctive experience, one that combines personalized education with breathtaking surroundings and a strong community spirit, look no further than Bethany College. Bethany offers a remarkable blend of academic excellence, natural beauty, and lifelong connections that set it apart as a truly exceptional institution. 

Bethany College is on the rise- and something uniquely special is happening here. You are invited to be a part of this extraordinary journey that dares you to dream bigger while embracing your individuality as a Bethanian. By choosing Bethany, you choose an institution that celebrates boldness, uniqueness, and authenticity. You join a community that will support and challenge you, taking you to new heights and empowering you to change the world. 

The Bethany Plan Continued

The College prides itself on maintaining small, personable class sizes that foster an engaging learning environment. While other institutions make this claim, at Bethany, it’s a fact. On average, a Bethany classroom consists of just 14 students. This emphasis on small class sizes ensures that you receive individual attention from distinguished faculty members. At Bethany, you are not just another number- you are a name, and your success is the College’s top priority. 

When you become a student at Bethany, you become part of a close-knit community that extends far beyond your time on campus. As a Bethanian, you join a diverse group of passionate individuals who are constantly exploring both themselves and the world around them. This strong sense of community is fostered by the College’s commitment to creating lifelong connections among students, faculty, and alumni. Bethany College believes in the transformative power of connections, providing you with invaluable opportunities to build relationships with successful alumni who can mentor and guide you on your educational and career journey. 

Bethany College strives to be the institution you turn to when you start to question how to achieve your ambitions. The College takes pride in offering an education tailored to each student’s unique needs and aspirations. In line with its commitment to combining tradition with innovation, Bethany is continually forging new partnerships and developing programs that provide modern pathways to success. These initiatives enable students to explore new avenues, pursue internships, and create career opportunities that align with their passions and long-term goals. By choosing Bethany, you choose an institution that empowers you to follow your own trails and realize your full potential. 

Academic Programs

At Bethany College, you will embark on a unique and transformative educational journey that focuses on nurturing individual growth and unleashing your full potential at every level of learning. From the moment you step into your First-Year Seminars to the challenges of Senior Comprehensive Examinations, Bethany prepares you for success in the 21st century by guiding you toward achieving personal goals, excelling in graduate studies, and building rewarding careers. 

 The foundation of a Bethany education is its classical liberal arts curriculum, which forms the basis of lifelong learning in the modern world. Faculty members are deeply committed to working closely with students, ensuring a solid grounding in humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. You will have ample opportunities to tailor your academic path according to your interests while working with actively involved faculty to craft personalized plans of study. 

With over 30 majors and minors, Bethany’s vast array of academic offerings ensures there is something for everyone, allowing you to explore your passions and pursue your specific academic and career aspirations. 

The College’s unique environment is characterized by small, personable class sizes and picturesque historic buildings nestled in a serene natural landscape. The emphasis on fostering lifelong connections ensures that students leave Bethany College with a strong sense of community and belonging. 

The Bethany experience is unparalleled, providing students with the foundation to dream bigger and become true Bethanians. As graduates, they are equipped to shape their futures and make undeniable marks on the world. Bethany College stands as a testament to what makes higher education truly special, offering an enriching and transformative journey that inspires students to dare to dream bigger. 


Bethany College takes great pride in its esteemed academic partnerships, which have been forged with renowned institutions to offer students unparalleled opportunities for their educational and professional journeys. These collaborations have opened the door to a world of possibilities, ensuring a seamless pathway to students’ dream careers. 

Legal enthusiasts will find an innovative accelerated dual degree agreement with the Appalachian School of Law. Through this collaboration, students can obtain a Juris Doctor degree in just six years instead of the typical seven, resulting in significant time and cost savings. 

Chemistry and biochemistry students at Bethany College can benefit from an early assurance program to the Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED) College of Pharmacy Pharm.D. program after completing 60 prerequisite credits from Bethany. Additionally, the two institutions collaborate to offer pre-admission and pharmacy career counseling opportunities, providing valuable guidance to students. 

For those aspiring to enter the medical field, Bethany College has established a transformative opportunity with Saint George’s University in Grenada, West Indies. Bethany College’s very own Charles Modica ’70 played the role as a co-founder in establishing Saint George’s University- adding a special significance to this partnership. This partnership offers students the chance to obtain advanced degrees such as Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. By applying before or after matriculation, Bethany students receive fast-track status, prioritized review, interviews, processing, and decisions, as well as waived application fees, ensuring a smooth journey toward their goals. Bethany College’s very own Charles Modica ’70 played the role as a co-founder in establishing Saint George’s University- adding a special significance to this partnership 

One key partnership is with West Liberty University, which enables Bethanians to pursue a continuous academic pathway in education and nursing. By fulfilling all course prerequisites in Bethany’s interdisciplinary studies program, students can seamlessly transition into West Liberty University’s esteemed teacher education or nursing program. This collaboration removes hindrances and allows students to pursue their professional aspirations without any obstacles. Notably, the partnership goes beyond academics, as it grants students the unique opportunity to engage in NCAA Division III athletics for Bethany College while enrolled at West Liberty University. 

Another significant partnership is with the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine (WVSOM), offering aspiring medical professionals early guaranteed admittance into this prestigious institution. This eliminates the uncertainty and stress of the traditional application process, allowing students to realize their dreams of becoming osteopathic physicians more efficiently. 

Bethany College has also partnered with West Virginia University’s Reed College of Media, offering three accelerated graduate-level programs in integrated marketing communications (IMC), data marketing, and digital marketing. This partnership is particularly noteworthy for its significant impact on graduate programs, empowering students to complete their studies in just one year, saving both valuable time and money. 

For those interested in the healthcare field, Bethany College has established an exciting partnership with Wheeling University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program. This collaboration provides students with access to exceptional resources and mentorship opportunities, ensuring a well-rounded education and preparing them to positively impact the lives of patients as skilled physical therapists. 

Bethany College’s esteemed academic partnerships have been carefully curated to provide its students with the best possible opportunities for success. Through these collaborations, the journey from Bethany College to students’ dream careers has been made more accessible and efficient than ever before. Students can confidently secure their spot in these partnership programs and embark on a path to a bright and promising future. 

Senior Comprehensive Exams

The peak of the Bethany College experience is undoubtedly the Senior Comprehensive Examination. Known as “Comps,” this time-honored tradition brings together students, family, faculty, and friends in eager anticipation. As the last week of the semester arrives, the campus resonates with chants of “let them out,” signifying the culmination of years of hard work and dedication. 

Comprehensive exams at Bethany College evoke a mix of emotions among upperclassmen Bethanians. The weight of the upcoming challenge brings about feelings of excitement, but the knowledge that it marks the pinnacle of their academic journey fills them with exhilaration. 

One notable aspect that sets Bethany apart is its unique approach to comprehensive exams. Unlike many other undergraduate institutions, Bethany embraces these exams to assess students’ understanding of their subjects and their overall qualitative accomplishment. The exams serve as a testament to the student’s mastery of their chosen fields and provide a sense of self-confidence and achievement. 

Comprehensive exams are divided into two days of written assessments, followed by a one-hour oral examination where a panel of faculty members evaluates the student’s knowledge and proficiency. This comprehensive evaluation ensures that students have truly absorbed the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their respective areas of study. 

Occurring twice a year, in January and May, the Senior Comprehensive Examination poses a challenge that tests the limits of each student’s academic knowledge. It is a defining moment that showcases their growth and development throughout their time at Bethany College. 

For those who demonstrate exceptional performance during the Senior Comprehensive Examination, the recognition goes beyond a simple pass. Earning a “pass with distinction” is a mark of merit and a testament to the students’ dedication and hard work. 

As the confetti-ridden sidewalks fill with excitement, the culmination of the Bethany education becomes apparent. Comprehensive exams not only signify the end of an academic journey but also serve as a symbol of the journey’s fulfillment. These exams, dreaded and celebrated alike, leave an unforgettable mark on each senior Bethanian, shaping their sense of accomplishment and paving the way for a future filled with self-assurance and confidence.